Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Setting my Priorities Straight

On Saturday morning I got a phone call from our son Chris who asked if we would like to join Heather, Bradley and himself for a picnic and them go bowling.  My mind immediately went to the very long "to do" list that both my husband and I had planned on working on that day.  Then, without any hesitation I said yes!  That list could wait and be worked on another day.  It was one of those rare really warm Spring days that just begs you to be outside and enjoy the weather and who better to enjoy it with than your kids and grandchild.  Children grow up quickly and Jeff and I want to take advantage of all the time we can spend with our most precious treasures.  Knowing that there are ducks at the park we were going to , I packed some bread to feed them along with some fruit, soda, water and picnic supplies.

We met the kids at the grocery store to pick up some food for the picnic.  We loaded up on fried chicken, sushi (you can take the girl out of Hawaii but she still has to have her sushi), cookies, chips, and cheese sticks.  Bradley had a fantastic time "driving" while we shopped and sharing a brownie bite with Grammie.

From there we headed to the park to have our picnic.  I had forgotten how hard it is to keep a little one sitting to eat when there are so many toys to play on and thing to explore!  Bradley decided fairly quickly that he was done eating so he and I went off to play on the slides and swings while G-pa and his Mommy and Daddy finished their meal.  Heather soon joined us and she and I had a great time with Bradley on the slides. :)  He was really into them until he spied his Daddy (Chris) and G-pa playing catch and he was off and running to join them!

After he tired of that, we headed down to feed the ducks and the fish with the bread that I had brought.  Bradley was fascinated by the ducks and kept calling to them.  At first Bradley was very concerned that Grammie was throwing food and we had to explain to him that we were going to feed the ducks some bread.  Heather and I got the biggest kick out of Bradley deciding that some of the bread was going in his mouth as well.  Those ducks were going to have to learn to share.  Soon he spotted the fish and watched as his Daddy tried to catch one with his hands while luring them in with some bread.

Soon it was time to pack up and get Bradley out of the sun so we headed to the bowling alley so that Chris, Heather and G-pa could bowl.  I like to watch them bowl but do not bowl myself.  It breaks my fingernails. Bradley quickly took up  his usual place next to the ball return where he could play with the bowling balls and cheer everyone on.  He would say "yay" as loud as he could and clap when someone would roll their ball down the alley.  That brought lots of smiles and laughter from the people who were bowling on the next lanes over from us!

I think Jeff and I have our priorities straight.  We spent the day with some of our family and then went home and got part of the "to do" list done.  We only did the essentials on the list since we were having the whole crew over for Easter Lunch the next day after church.  Time spent with family will always be our top priority. :) 

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