Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Saturday Date Night

My husband and I have a long standing Saturday Date Night.  Going out on a date every week can get really expensive.  When our children were growing up, we tried to have a regular movie night with popcorn, soda, juice or homemade slushies and the kids would take turns picking a movie for the family that night that we either already owned or we would borrow from the library.  Once the kids were in bed, my husband and I would watch a movie of our choice. We all looked forward to our movies nights. :) Now that the kids are all grown, my husband and I continue the tradition of having a movie night but we have tweaked it a bit.  

We start the evening out with a nice dinner that I have either made or we have picked up at the deli.  This last weekend it was homemade pizza.

  Next we take a nice long soak in our hot tub to help ease sore muscles, have wonderful heart to heart talks and the cares of the world just seem to melt away.

After we are all relaxed from our soak in the hot tub, we pick out a DVD or two, crawl into bed and snuggle up under the covers, our huge cat Molly nestled in between us, and enjoy our movie choice for the evening. 

Our date nights are something that we look forward to each week.  We know that it is a time when we can really relax, reconnect after a busy week, and enjoy a good movie in the comfort of our home.  Regular date nights do not have to involve going out somewhere and spending lots of money.  It is about spending time together as a couple and not being distracted by all the busy-ness in our lives.



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