Sunday, April 14, 2013

Congratulations to Jaysn and Rachel!

Ever since our boys were born, we have been praying for their then future wives.  God has blessed Chris and Josh with wonderful women to be their wives and to be our daughters. Our son Jaysn has been so happy to see his brothers get married, all the while waiting for God to bring him the right woman to share his own life with.  The waiting has not always been easy but Jaysn knew that God had the right person out there just for him.  One day Jaysn told us that he met a wonderful girl and that he wanted to get to know her better.  They started seeing each other and he brought her out to meet us on Superbowl Sunday.  That one afternoon and evening spent with her convinced us that she was very special indeed and we could clearly see where this was heading. ;) 

We are so thrilled to share that our oldest son Jaysn and his girlfriend Rachel are now engaged!  Jeff and I have never seen our son happier and more content and we have to say, we love Rachel!  She is so much fun, shares the same values as our son and fits right in with our crazy family. ;)  She also gets bonus points for graduating from the same college I did. :D  Welcome to our ever expanding family Rachel and Jaysn, you did well son! :D

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