Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bradley is 13 Months Old!

Bradley just turned 13 months old!  Where has the time gone?  He spent the day and night with us last Friday and we had such a wonderful time with him.  He and Caesar have become best buddies and you will not find them far from each other.  Caesar especially loves it when it is meal time because Bradley loves to either share or drop things for him. ;)

Bradley continues to make us laugh with his antics and expressions...he is such a goofball!  This boys is also a huge flirt and loves to get the attention of pretty girls. ;)  He is fascinated with the sound that the large rubber bands make that we used to keep the cabinet doors closed under the sink so he can't get into them.  I know that soon he is going to figure out how to just take them off and then the bigger safety latches are going to have to be put on.  Some days I just want to put the brakes on and tell him to stop growing up so quickly!  I am so thankful though that we live close enough to spend lots and lots of time with him.  He makes G-pa and I so incredibly happy!


  1. So much love is felt in your family, Debbie! Bradely is so precious with Caesar. :)

    1. Thanks Lucie, they are the best of buddies. :)


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