Friday, July 30, 2021

It's Too Hot to Wear a Bra and Frugal Friday Wrap Up (the Fried Brain edition) 7/30/2021


         106 F in the shade on the back porch!


      It's hot "no way am I going to wear a bra" hot!  It's also smoky out there due to all the wildfires.  I tried being outside when it was just 90F and picked some squash and raspberries, but only lasted about 10 minutes before I had to come back inside.  I can't use the swamp cooler due to how high the heat is and the smoke, so I took a lukewarm shower, put on a very lightweight and cool loose dress and am sitting here in the living room with the fan on me debating on if I can hold out much longer before turning on the AC unit.  The AC unit only cools the living room so I may be sleeping out here tonight.  The heat has friend my brain so this frugal weekly wrap up is going to be totally incomplete.  It is what it is:

~I've picked squash, raspberries, swiss chard and the first of the beans this week along with a few tomatoes from the garden.

~Most of the raspberries were frozen.

~I blanched and froze the swiss chard.

~More bread was made.

~I cooked up an entire chicken in the crockpot ad turned about 1/3 of it into a soup to serve over rice or on it's own (3 meals right there) and the rest of it will make it's way into a Caesar Salad, chicken salad sandwiches and something else.

~I have the bottoms of some green onions in water so let the roots get longer and then I will plant them in the garden.

~Four large red bell peppers were cut up and frozen.

~I made a big bowl of tuna pasta salad that served us for 2 meals.

~Bath and Body Works sent me a coupon for a free lotion.

~I found a really cute outfit for Tate on clearance at Old Navy for $1.99

~We got to Facetime with Josh.

~I finished up a bag of fish sticks for dinner one night and served it with rice, beans from the garden, carrot sticks and squash.  I did make extra rice while I was at it.

~We skipped commodities this month because the freezer is still so packed and I could not fit anything else in there.  Not a bad problem to have.

~We took the oldest two grandboys, Bradley and Isaiah, up to our town's pool on Monday.  It is only $2 a person!

~I was able to hang the laundry out one day this week when the air was clear enough.

~I made iced coffee for a morning drink instead of hot coffee.  YUM!

~I had made my famous Mac and Cheese for Isaiah's birthday party.  It all got eaten!

~Isaiah and Bradley picked raspberries and took some home for their mom.

~Jeff has been picking things up from the store on his way home if we need them.  I have been staying home for the most part.

~I gave Jeff a much needed haircut.

~I dehydrated some kale.

   Our town is having it's town wide yard sale tomorrow and many people set up early (as in tonight).  Jeff and I may go out and see if there is anything we want or need this evening or, if I get up in time tomorrow before the heat gets too bad, I may wander out then.  I am looking for a smaller dehydrator to replace my one that just broke.  Hopefully either I will find one, or Jeremy will run across one at an auction and pick it up for me.  Be blessed!



  1. I never wear a bra. We would have to save money another way because I need the ac 24/7 and have since March. It will run through October!

    1. If I could get away with never wearing a bra I would. ;) Unfortunately I am rather um "well endowed" and need the support. I finally did break down and turn on the AC about 4:30 p.m.. It was still 90 F when Jeff and I stepped outside to water the gardens at 8 p.m..

  2. 106F inside the house is very hot! It gets that hot indoors, here, too, sometimes; usually later in the summer. Stay cool and take it easy when it is so hot. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and keep hydrated.

    1. I am trying to remember to drink more fluids...that seems to be where I fail most days. :)

  3. Hi. I am glad to read that others sometimes go without a bra. I am not endowed and don't wear one anymore than I have to to be decent! Nancy

    1. LOL Nancy! You sound so much like my mom. :) She is the same way. I have to admit that at times I am so jealous. ;)

  4. Wow that is hot! Sure hope it cools down some out your way. We are getting a refreshing cool down for a few days.
    I sometimes do the braless thing as well - at home. It is just more comfortable.
    Stay cool!

    1. I'm so glad you have a cool down for a few days Cheryl. We are expecting a few days like that later this week thank God!

  5. Tank tops and loose shorts have been my mainstays recently. My favorite used to be a Cami with shelf bra from costco but I can't find them and more - really soft cotton and just enough support for home wear.

    The high temps broke today. The morning was cool with high clouds. i actually got some weeding done - just the weeding with weeds being thrown into a pile. The next cool morning, I'll do the pick up.

    Stay hydrated...that's a tough one for me too. I actually made up a bunch of Gatorade this week.
    Take good care,
    SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Hi SJ, my "go to" is loose dresses, but I only have a few of them. I really need to pick up more. I do pajamas a lot too during the day if I do not need to go anywhere and then change into something else before I head out to water the gardens in the evenings.

      I'm so glad you got a break from the heat and were able to get some weeding done. I need to get out there and tackle some of that myself. I understand about it being tough to stay hydrated. ((((((HUGS)))))

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  7. I just found your site thru Cheryl. I am enjoying it so much. I rarely put on the underthing, I am not well endowed but I like to be comfortable. Most days I am in a Tshirt and underwear so I do not have to run the AC, other days I may put on shorts if I am expecting a delivery
    In winter is nothing but Pj's and sweats to keep the heater off. I live alone so I only have to do things that keep me comfortable. Cheryl has taught me how to have a stocked pantry so I do not need to go to the grocery often. Now I just have the pharmacy and the doctor. I enjoy your blog. It has a lot of great advice!


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