Sunday, September 6, 2020

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 9/4/2020

This is what I woke up to this morning :

123 New Cases Of Coronavirus Confirmed In Whitman County So Far This Weekend-No Deaths-No Current Hospitalizations

123 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed so far this holiday weekend in Whitman County.

Whitman County Public Health reports that all of the patients are stable and self-isolating.  All of them are in the age brackets under 39 years old.

Sunday’s 67 cases are a record for most reported in one day by Whitman County Public Health.

There have been 688 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Whitman County over the past 2 weeks.  Nearly all of those patients are in the age brackets under 39 years old.

There has been a total of 830 cases of coronavirus confirmed in Whitman County since the pandemic began.  No one has died from coronavirus in Whitman County.  There are currently no hospitalizations involving a coronavirus patient in Whitman County.

   Yep, things are getting scarier and scarier around here.  Jeff and I have been doing all we can to be as prepared as possible since the numbers just keep going up.  I meant to get this post up yesterday but, with the numbers rising, we decided to go shopping early in the morning on Saturday as soon as Jeff got home from work.  I stayed up waiting for him so we were able to be in the store by 5 a.m. when they were throwing freight and there were only 2 other shoppers in there, one of which we knew.  We figured that after this holiday weekend the numbers would get even worse (according to my friend who is a contact tracer it should explode) and we wanted to get what we needed before that happened with as little risk to us as possible.  Having done that, yesterday was a complete bust on getting anything else done since we slept after we got home and it threw both of us off so we decided to just take the day off from everything else.  So here is my late (as usual) Frugal Friday post...

~I harvested apples, blackberries, tomatoes and some fresh thyme and sage.
~The fresh thyme and sage were dried to use later.
~Jeff took down the fencing from around the blackberry bushes to make harvesting easier now since Caesar is no longer here and able to steal them all right off the bush.
~I made lemon chicken pasta and added fresh thyme, squash, cut up cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers and garlic to it.  Very yummy and it only used one large chicken breast cut up into bite sized pieces.  We even had leftovers for another meal.
~Roses were cut from our rosebushes to make a pretty bouquet for in the house.

~Leftovers for lunch.
~Ordered a new hose for Jeff's CPAP machine online.  It was cheaper even with shipping than buying it locally.
~Jeff added to the compost pile with the grass clipping from mowing and the apples that fell off the apple tree.
~Jeff took a 5 gallon bucket and drilled a few holes in the bottom of it.  He then put it at the base of each of the new fruits tree and filled it with water.  I learned that trees really like this because the water goes deeper down than if you just spray some water on it.
~I had one thawed chicken breast in the refrigerator and turned it into some delicious orange chicken to be served over rice.  I also threw some red pepper strips in there for added color and nutrition.
~Jeff made a batch of brownies.

~Jeff had leftover pancakes for breakfast.
~We had the engine light come on in my car so we got that checked out for free.
~Jeff and I had leftovers for dinner.
~I had a bagel with cream cheese and some pears slices for a late night snack.
~I watched a video about how to make homemade herb salts and another on how to preserve cherry tomatoes in olive oil...I want to try to do both.
~Watered in the evening again.

~I made some homemade hummus...I like it way better than store bought.  Another experiment that turned out great!
~I made 22 homemade burritos and froze most of them for future meals.
~Using up some yellow squash to make a squash casserole.  One of my favorites.
~Two more loaves of bread were made.
~Tomatoes and blackberries were harvested.
~I took a short walk, a very short walk.

~I made some homemade herb salt with herbs from our garden.  It should be delicious on all kinds of meats and even in pasta dishes this Fall and Winter.  I got the idea from The Elliott Homestead blog.
~I used the lemon that I got the lemon rind from for the salts to make lemonade with.  I also cut the juiced rind and put that down the garbage disposal to clean and deodorize it.
~Jeff ordered the part for our hot tub to fix it and is having it sent up for free with the company he works for.
~Our order came in from Walmart in a huge box.  We are keeping the box for Steven to make a fort with.

~Jeff's birthday!!!  All he wanted from me was his favorite meal.  I made teriyaki meatloaf, roasted garlic potatoes and diced up some fresh pears to go with it.
~I found the perfect birthday card for Jeff in my greeting card stash.
~Jeff's work gave him a very nice birthday card and goodie bag.  They really are sweet!
~Jeff made out very well gift wise.  He already was given Chris's old truck for his birthday and Jaysn and Rachel gave us that money that I mentioned in another post.  Josh then gifted his father with a really nice gun and ammo. Yes, those kids love and adore their Dad...we are so blessed!

~I whittled down my grocery stock up on what ingredients I could substitute in recipes based on what I had on hand.
~I figured out a way to make our favorite broccoli cheese Rice a Roni with plain rice and some bulk broccoli cheese soup mix that I bought on clearance awhile back.
~More cherry tomatoes were harvested.
~Jeff worked on fixing the leak in the hot tub.
~Uncle Bob came over and gave us some tomatoes and cucumbers from his garden.
~I took one of the very ripe tomatoes that Uncle Bob gave us and made tomato cream gravy to go over toast for my dinner.

I hope that everyone has a safe and covid free weekend!


  1. The numbers are scary, imo. I too shop early and get there when the store opens. If I even go at all, I'm still using the grocery delivery service. Best $4.95 spent to have them deliver.
    But this week I did go in the store since they were having a caselot sale. I found some things but also found some empty shelves. I have my pantry almost where I want it and am now focusing on sale items. I was able to get one each of 25# white sugar and AP flour. Yipee.
    But I pay a high cost going into the store. The stress of it all just kicks me into huge crashes.
    Happy birthday to Jeff -- you do have some fine children!
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  2. Happy belated birthday to Jeff!

    I think I prefer your county's numbers to my county (Los Angeles County) virus numbers! We are rejoicing because today's new case count is down to only 798 from yesterday (Saturday's) count of 1,196, which was down from Friday's count! Of course, we do expect it to go right back up after the Labor Day weekend. There used to be a breakdown of the county numbers by city (with Los Angeles being the biggest city, there was even a breakdown by neighborhoods), but I am unable to located an updated one.

    As a certain person said on TV the other day, "It is what it is".

    I am still not going out except to medical appointments that I can no longer postpone after more than 5 months! I have my groceries and medications delivered or I do a curbside pick up.

  3. Good morning, me again. Hope you two are staying safe.

    Could you post the recipe for your rice,brocolli, cheese dish?
    Also the source on line for Cpap supplies?

    Would appreciate both. Am off to the garden to slowly prep for Fall. Cheers
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  4. I'm sorry that your covid numbers are going up.
    Our town made the ny times 10 covid hotspot list last week, and it was due to the colleges. So far there doesn't seem to be community spread yet.
    Sounds like you have some great gift ideas. Hope Jeff had a nice birthday. How do you make teriyaki meatloaf? Sounds delicious.
    Hope you have a good weekend.


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