Friday, January 4, 2019

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 12/28/18-1/3/19

   It has been a week of great highs and also great challenges.  Our Josh and his Lauren got engaged and we could not be happier!  Yes, we are looking forward to a beautiful wedding and our family growing again this year with another wonderful and amazing daughter.  There have been health struggles for both Jeff and I and he has been off work for the last 3 days of this week so he can heal.  It has been nice having more time with him, but I know he is itching to get back to work.  He is already doing better and for that I am so thankful!  Onto the frugal doings... 

~Saturday we had a wonderful time with our family celebrating Christmas a bit late since Chris had to work on Christmas day.  Lots of good food, laughter, and thoughtful gifts.  My favorites were the pictures that my two oldest grandsons painted for me.
~We Facetimed with our son Josh, his fiance Lauren (yes, it is finally official!!!) and my parents.
~Sunday was a crash day for me while Jeff helped Chris with the new house and then helped at my cousin Jeremy's new store getting it ready to open soon.
~I worked on my points programs Sunday and throughout the week.
~Monday we combined all our errands into one trip.  Both Jeff and I were hurting by the end of it, but it is all done how.
~We picked up laundry detergent, some prizes and props for Chris and Heather's up and coming housewarming party that we are throwing for them, and some other things like pain meds there too.
~We stopped at Walmart to get cat food (best prices on the stuff the cats like), my prescription, creamer (stocking up on more of the peppermint mocha before they stop carrying it for the season...I froze the two bottles we bought), oil and filter for Jeff's car and then hit the Christmas clearance area where I found gift bags  for .24 each and aloe infused socks for .74 each that will work for all holidays and birthdays.
~The next stop was Goodwill.  It was Senior discount day.  We found a jacket for Jeff and 3 pairs of Lularoe leggings for me along with 2 limited edition Lenox Christmas mugs (they were half off).  We paid under $17 for all of it and I used my cash that I had on hand to spend any way I pleased on all of it.
~We bought very few things at Winco since we already have so much on hand here at home and are trying to eat from the pantry and freezer and just get fresh dairy, fruits and veggies as needed.
~Jeff and I hot tubbed and watched the fireworks that other people were setting off on New Year's eve.

~Tuesday found us in the emergency room with Jeff having an acute abdominal strain (thank God it was not something worse).  L and I are paying for it since the injury happened on the job.
~We stopped to get some food on the way home at the deli and we both had enough for 2 meals each.
~Wednesday we stopped at one of the local thrift stores and I found 3 shirts for .25 each, 3 dvds including 2 that have a good family friend in them, a pizza pan, and 2 travel carry on bags.
~We borrowed 2 movies from the library.
~I took inventory of our HBA supplies to see what we had on hand and what we will be needing within the next few months.  From what I could see, we are good for a while other than antiperspirant.
~I cut a box of 55 fabric softener sheets in half to make them go further.
~Jeff and I made a big bowl of popcorn and watched Jurassic World that we borrowed from the library.
~Leftovers for dinner.
~Thursday found us at home all day watching movies on Netflix.
~I was craving Mexican food for dinner so I made some homemade Mexican rice with things I had on hand and we had chicken tamales (they had been on sale) that I had bought earlier in the week.  We still have enough tamales and rice for another meal.  The total cost for our meal plus another full meal was $9.00.  That is less than the cost of 1 entree at our local Mexican restaurant that we love going to.
~Jaysn came up to bring in two 50 pound bags of pellets for us and also borrowed a movie from us.
~Jeff and I went over our budget and found that we need to really do some deep cuts in order to save money for Josh and Lauren's wedding.  We found some areas that we can cut back in.
~Friday Jeff got the wheels aligned on my car but they did not charge for the spin balancing thank goodness.
~Jeff made pancakes from our homemade mix for dinner and we had it with homemade syrup and some tangerines.
~We watched the movie "Samson" on Netflix.

       This weekend we plan on resting more and trying to get a few thing organized to make our lives easier.  If the weather holds, we will also be taking down the Christmas lights from outside and that should be the last of the Christmas decor since I did the inside today.  Nothing too strenuous as Jeff still needs to rest and heal.  Be blessed all!


  1. Sounds like a good week. Glad your hubs is feeing some better. Congrats on the engagement of your son. The family continues to grow!
    Take care

    1. Thank you Cheryl. We are really excited about our son's upcoming marriage!

  2. I am so grateful Jeff is getting better. We don't need both of you down. I always worry with Hub's and I. His health is so precarious and mine well.......

    1. Awww ...thanks. He is heading back to work tonight. Praying for you and your hubs. (((((((HUGS)))))

  3. Congratulations on the engagement. I hope Jeff is feeling better. The boys are getting so big. The owls are really cute.


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