Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sidelined but Not Out of the Game


   Apparently I am not Superwoman and I can't leap buildings in a single bound or even keep up the pace that I had been.  Today I am having a major crash/flare.  I had great plans for the day but have been "sidelined" by pain, stiffness and extremely low energy.  Since it is one of those days, I had to put some of my plans on hold, ask for help and do other things that I could do that do not take up as much energy.  So here is what I did do.

~I had planned to wash the laundry and get it all hung outside to dry.  That was not going to be possible so I washed it and put it in the dryer instead.  I'll have Jeff help me fold it all later.
~I did manage to get the 2 loaves of bread made and make croutons from the rest of the loaf that was leftover from last week.
~I ran my points programs in the background on my computer while I made the bread, did laundry and blogged.
~There were some shirts that needed to be mended so I worked on those while I sat back in my recliner.
~The strawberry plants that escaped the strawberry bed needed to be transplanted back into the strawberry bed.  I knew there was no way I could do it by myself today so I asked Rachel for help with that.  Between the two of us we managed to make quick work of it.
~I had planned on making Lo Mein for dinner but think we may just have the leftover meat that I was going to use in it along with some leftover brown rice and call it good.
~I did manage to drive down to the library today and pick a up a book on hold there for Steven.  That was as far as I was going to even attempt to drive today.  There was no way I was walking down there like I usually do.

   So you see, I may not have been able to do all that I wanted to, but I was still able to get some things done and that makes me feel good.  I am also learning to ask for help when I need it from someone other than Jeff.  That is a HUGE step for me.  I never want to feel like I am burdening anyone.  Rachel is very sweet and offered to come up and help me with whatever I needed.  Since my priority was the strawberry plants, that is what I asked for help with.  I am learning...albeit slowly. 😜


  1. Glad I could help today. Maybe another day I can come by and help you get the rest of the plants in the ground. Take it easy tonight. I hope you get good rest.

    1. Thank you Sweetie! Jeff worked more of the soil in the garden so we can get the cauliflower in now and even plant some seeds. :)

  2. My heart just goes out to you. But I'm so happy you have the help.
    When I first got sick, some of the best advice I got was that my 'want' to do list would never equal my 'can do' list for any day. I still have to remind myself of that.

    And asking for help is still hard! You're rocking it though.
    Take good care. BTW, we're having a one day heat wave here- temps to reach 80o today. Then back into the 50s/60s.
    Hugs, SJ

  3. When you struggle with an auto immune disorder you just have to learn to manage as you go.

  4. I'm sorry you were having a bad day. You used your spoons well.

  5. So fun to hear from you. Glad you'll have time with the grands and family.
    It's raining here so I feel a bit sidelined. And that's ok. Popped out to get some milk and a few groceries. Will spend the rest of the day reading and watching dvds. Dog is currently under my feet snoring. Have a great weekend.

  6. I am glad you are blessed with a lovely daughter who is happy to come and help you. Just do what you can and ask for help when you need to. I am learning that, by asking, we are providing others with an opportunity to be of service. They can't give unless there is someone to receive.

  7. I hope that you are feeling much better than when you wrote this post a week ago. You are getting things done and perhaps you need to accept what you have said in this post. It would appear your super powers have gone on holidays without you. Time to accept what you can do and be happy with that.


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