Saturday, April 21, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 4/14-4/20 2018

~Saturday Jeff and I stayed home and even took a much needed nap.
~We watched popped some popcorn and watched to movies, "Lucy" and "Red 2" that we had borrowed from the library.
~I made a pork and mushroom stroganoff and served it over baked potatoes.  Rachel was still busy at their old house finishing cleaning it all up for the new owners and would not be home until late that evening so we had Jaysn and Steven come up and join us for dinner.  We knew Jaysn would not be able to get any cooking done with Steven being so "busy". 😉
~Sunday Jaysn, Rachel, Steven, Heather, Bradley and Isaiah all came up for a bit and we had a wonderful visit.  It was so much fun watching all of my grandboys play together.  It just melts my Grammie heart.
~We had some leftover baked potatoes so I made a loaded baked potato salad with those, some green onions from the garden, Greek Yogurt (in place of sour cream), some shredded cheddar cheese, crumbled cooked turkey bacon, salt and pepper.
~My pineapple was finally ripe so I got it all cut up and ready.  It was so sweet and delicious.  I love having fresh fruit all ready to go!
~Jeff rotated our mattress and I took that opportunity to take the bed skirt off it and get that washed too.  Our old mattress cover had given it's all so we replaced it with a new one that my mother had previously given us,  While doing that, I found my long lost reading glass under the bed...darned cats!
~Jeff mowed the lawn before the next rain and snow (yes, the "s" word) was due to hit later in the evening.  Our lawn was looking like a jungle.
~I got out the old outdoor broom and "swept" the spiderwebs off the house that had formed on the Fall and earlier this Spring.
~We took a long walk as a family...Jeff, Rachel, Jaysn, Steven, Caesar and I. We visited with neighbors along the way.  I was feeling pretty good and since we were taking it slow, I was able to go longer...that may have been a mistake...
~Monday was a HUGE crash/flare day.  I was up during the night multiple times due to pain and IBS symptoms that just would not quit.  I had trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep and then could not manage to get out of bed until about 1:30 p.m.
~Jeff brought home lunch for me and I had half for lunch and the rest for dinner.  Jeff had leftovers for both meals.
~My plan for the day was to respond to comments on my blog and get caught up on reading my friends blogs and also check my email...none of that happened due to Fibro fog so thick in my brain.
~Tuesday I slept in until 10 a.m. after another rough night but did find that I got just under and hour of deep sleep, which is a major win for me.
~Jeff took me into town because I was having bad cabin fever.  The yucky weather had made me very antsy.  We went to the Dollar Tree to get some things there and I found they had three more jars of the pesto sauce that we love.  I got all three of them.
~We also went to Palouse Treasures thrift store and since it was Tuesday, they had their .50 clearance rack.  I was able to find some shirts for Steven who is growing like a weed, some shirts for me including several Loft brand, a silk scarf for .99, a cake decorating idea book and some lotion.  Jeff found a movie for Bradley and Isaiah, some fence hardware and a pair of work pants.
~I used some of my "allowance" to treat Jeff to dinner.  He has been working so hard and I just wanted to do something nice for him.  The service there was terrible so I messaged the owner about it on their facebook page (we have been loyal customers for over 30 years).  She was very apologetic, is going to let the manager know and get the staff retrained and is sending us a gift card.
~We went down to visit Jaysn, Rachel and Steven once we got back home.  Steven was very happy to see us and had a great time playing with G-pa. 😊
~I was hungry late in the evening so I fixed myself a small bowl of fresh pineapple chunks and some cottage cheese.
~I watched several shows online as well as a relaxing video on YouTube.
~Wednesday was an at home day.  My hanai daughter Tiffy came over with her two little boys and we dug some strawberry plants up for her to take home with her for her garden.
~Rachel and Steven came up also.  She did some laundry and hung it out on the line to dry.  It has been so much fun having them close.
~Dinner was choice of leftovers, a sandwich or salad.
~I borrowed 2 movies and a book from the library.
~Thursday I cooked up some elk steaks for an early dinner since Jeff has bowling league on that night. We were able to eat our dinner out on the back porch because we had warm and glorious weather.
~My outfit that I wore cost me all of .75.  I bought both the capri length DriFit yoga pants and the long t shirt off the clearance rack at one of our local thrift stores.   I was comfy and looked pretty well pulled together.
~Rachel and Steven came over for a visit in the morning so she could use our land line phone.  Cell service can be spotty out here.  She told me that she was going to try to find a movie to take over this afternoon when she and Jaysn head over to Chris and Heather's to watch the little boys while Heather and Chris go out on a date.  I sent 2 of their favorite movies with her.  I'm not sure if they will get a chance to watch them because when the 3 cousins get together they have so much fun just playing which I think is great!
~I made 2 loaves of bread and some croutons.
~I froze 4 bananas and put the peels around the rose bush stems.
~Friday Rachel and I headed down to Costco.  She has a membership so she took me with her so I could also shop there and pick up some things that we needed and wanted.  Let's be real...we didn't need to pickled asparagus, but I sure wanted it. 😄
~We had lunch at Costco.  I really enjoy their polish sausages and Rachel loves their hot dogs.  You can't beat the price either!
~We also stopped at the Franz bakery outlet store and picked up some bread, bagels, and english muffins.
~We skipped going to the Grocery Outlet store because poor Steven was exhausted and feel asleep upon being put in his carseat while we were getting ready to leave Costco.  Rachel and I took turns going into the bread outlet store because we did not want to wake him.  I did not need anything there so it was all good.
~Steven woke up as we got close to Pullman, so we stopped at Walmart so he could get a diaper change, have a bottle and Rachel and I could pick up a few needed things there.  I found lemon poppy seed muffin mixes marked down to $1 a box. I bought 4 of them and some small boxes of jello.  I will make the muffins to take with us to Montana for breakfast next month.
~After a long day of shopping, I was thankful to have a 4 cheese self rising crust pizza in the freezer.  I baked that up and we had a salad with it.  The weather was so nice so we ate on the back screened in porch.


  1. A great post! We have to get ready of spider webs around the house here as well. I too love pineapple!! So delicious! Elk steaks? Whau! That is something I never had. Sounds exotic!

    1. Hi Angela :) Our Chris hunts and provides us with elk and venison. We actually prefer it to beef and it is so much healthier for you. It also saves us a ton of money, which in itself, is a huge blessing!

  2. WOW it sure sounds like a busy week. A lot accomplished.
    still working on spring cleaning here - but we both know there is NEVER an end to cleaning!
    Have a good week.

    1. LOL! YOu got that right Cheryl! I still need to do all the curtains and get them washed and hung out on the line to dry. I'm hoping to get all of them, other than our bedroom ones, done this week. The bedroom curtains will have to wait until this coming weekend since Jeff needs them during the day to sleep.

  3. Another great week even though you had that fibro flare Monday. I need/want to start exercising as well but don't want to pay the price. Like you, some times I think I'm going 'slow' and it's ok and find out much later that my body has reacted.
    From the last post - growing leeks is a first for me. What I know is that they take a long time to grow here. I only put in two 18inch rows in one garden. I love to experiment.

    It's sunny here today - or at least not raining at the moment with blue skies. Will go putter for an hour in the garden.
    Cheers, SJ

    1. Hi SJ, I really am curious to know how those leeks do for you. Enjoy the wonderful and warm weather and your gardening. I hope to get back out in mine tomorrow for a bit. I overdid it this weekend so I am being very cautious about what I do today. I know you understand that! ;)

  4. What a busy week!
    It seems filled with fun and family.
    Sorry about the flare up.
    I am always inspired by you when I read here.
    Have a cozy week ahead!

    1. are so sweet Billie Jo. ((((((HUGS))))) The week ahead here is going to be filled with all my grandkids and some of my kids....nothing better than that in my book! I hope you have a lovely week!

  5. Sorry you weren't able to sleep. That is never a good thing. That is wonderful that you are able to go to stores with Rachel. Hope you have wonderful and pain free week. my week is here:

    1. Thank you. Rachel has been a true blessing! I love having them close to us. I hope you have a wonderful week as well!

  6. I love potato salad! In fact, I made some this week as well to take on our picnic to the beach on Saturday. One of my sisters was down here on Friday, and she loves it so much that I sent 1/2 of it home with her, and we devoured the rest on Saturday. So, I guess I'll make it again, soon!

    It sounds like things are settling down around there. That's always a nice feeling--getting routine going again. I'm glad you could get some rest when you were feeling badly. I'm trying to get things done around here today--a little of this, then homeschool, a little of that, then work--little by little and I'll see some progress anyway!

    1. Hi Becky! Potato salad is one of those comfort foods isn't it. :) That was sweet of you to send a bunch home with your sister.

      Yes, things are finally settling down here just in time for all the Spring gardening work to start. I guess I wore myself out over the weekend because I slept until almost 10 a.m. today. I did manage to get the sheets, towels and our comforter washed and hung out to dry on the laundry line and made a nice lunch for Jeff and I. Now I am taking it easy for the remainder of the day. Have fun homeschooling...I really miss those days!

  7. You've had a busy week! A lot accomplished! Hope you continue to feel better. Take care.


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