Sunday, October 1, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 9/16-9/29 2017 Two Week Edition


   This is going to be a 2 week wrap up.  Our lives have been busy and on a major rollercoaster of emotions, very little sleep and trying to spend as much time as possible with loved ones for the past 2 weeks.  Josh was home on leave and he and Chris just left this morning to fly back to Washington DC early this morning.  I had wanted to go to the airport with them but was hit with a major Fibro Flare, so I stayed home and Jeff drove them up to the airport that is a little over an hour away.  I was so sad to see Josh go but excited for Chris since he will be spending a week with Josh and getting to see and do so many wonderful things!  Onto the savings...

Week 1:
~Saturday was a busy day for us.  We ran into friends, former students and even our Hanai son Sam!  It was so wonderful to get so hug them all and get caught up on their lives.
~We stopped by Bath and Body Works where I traded in a fragrance mist that did not agree with me for a wonderful apple scented one.  I love the Fall fragrances that they have, but the apple ones are my absolute favorite.  I got the new fragrance for free since I traded in an older one.  I love their trade in policy...if you don't like a fragrance, you can trade straight across for another one.
~We also stopped at Goodwill and found several things on our list that we have been searching for.  I love being able to shop thrift stores and get things at a fraction of the cost of retail.  It was there that we ran into our hanai son Sam.  He shared with us that he had gotten a job teaching art at his old college in Bend, Oregon!  He is an amazing artist and we are so proud and happy for him! 😊

~We enjoyed some family time at the fair.  This is the last fair in our area that does not charge for admission so we were able to enjoy free entertainment.
~There was a yard sale right across from where we parked when going to that fair.  I found a nice windchime and a brand new sleep shirt for $1 each.
~Sunday we went up to the apple orchard here in town and picked apples.  They were .50 a pound.  I got some for us and some for my parents.  I am hoping to pick more on Friday when some other varieties, along with the pears, are ready.
~We used our hot tub on Sunday night since it was cold outside and enjoyed listening to the rain on the roof too.
~Monday I did not get anything done at all.  I was sick and dozed on and off most of the day.

~Tuesday I tried to play "catch up" around here.  I dehydrated a bunch of roma tomatoes, froze cherry tomatoes and made more homemade applesauce.
~Since we live in a rural area with farm fields all around us and the weather is getting colder, the mice are looking for warm places to call home.  It is at this time of year that we start to get bad mouse problems so I spent time getting all the cereals, cat food, crackers, etc. that are opened into mouse proof containers.
~Wednesday I dehydrated 2 packages of mushrooms.

~Jeff had picked up some coupons from the recycling bin at the post office.  I was able to match some of them to a half price sale at a local grocery store for the cereal that I like.  Jeff stopped by on his way home Wednesday morning and picked up 4 boxes of the cereal for $1.49 after coupons along with a few other sale priced items that we needed like peanut butter.
~I made 5 loaves of banana bread.

~My amazing parents loaned Josh their truck so that he could drive directly over here once he got off the plane in Kalispell, MT to be with our dear friends/family that lost their husband/father/grandpa.
~We had so many of our hanai kids here along with all of our family.  I made a huge bowl of popcorn for people to snack on as they came and went.

~I made a veggie fettuccine alfredo with squash and tomatoes from the garden, some broccoli, wine and lowfat cream cheese.
~Josh helped me harvest all of the celery from the garden since it was going to freeze overnight.

Week 2:
~My parents spoiled us rotten while we were at their home in Montana.  Staying with them is like staying at the best bed and breakfast ever!  The food is great, the company is wonderful and the view looking out over the lake can't be beat!
~My parents took us out on their was just what I needed to finally relax after 2 very stressful weeks.
~Jeff and I stopped at a thrift store (surprise) in Bigfork, MT and found a vest, jacket, sweater, shirt, lots of cds, a dvd, jewelry (sterling silver earrings and a designer bracelet each for $1), books for .50 hardback and free for kid's books and a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans ($2.50)

~My mother gifted me some grandmother's locket, my great grandmother's gold necklace, a beautiful silver necklace that my father bought her years ago, and another necklace that my mother had made.  All are precious to me.
~I stocked up on wine from my favorite winery in Montana direct from the source.  They also gave me a bag full of wine corks when I mentioned that my Heather was using corks to craft with.  They are so very sweet!

~Mom sent us home with lots of goodies and another bottle of wine.  She also gave me a pair of jeans and a very soft scarf.
~Josh and Jeff went golfing on Thursday (it is their special thing to do together) morning using up the last of a gift certificate balance that Jeff had to cover the cost of Jeff's golf fees.
~We got lots of free groceries while Jeff and Josh did our volunteer work.
~I was able to track down tickets to the sold WSU vs USC game for our Josh at a much lower cost than we could get them at big name online ticket places.

~I hung out a load of towels on the line to dry Thursday.
~We were given free groceries when we did our volunteer work.
~We happily discovered that our new car gets way better gas mileage than my old car.  It cost us about $55 dollars round trip to go to my parents' place where it would have cost us at least $85 round trip in my old car.
~Josh bought us lunch on Wednesday.

~I picked up some things at the Grocery Outlet store when we made a quick stop there on our way home from Montana.  They have sweet potatoes at half the price there than I can get down our way.  I bought 2 bags of them, some artichokes ( 2 for less than the price of one down here), 2 big jars of artichoke tapenade, pot stickers, lettuce and a few other items.
~We found a fun game for Chris, Heather and the little boys for Christmas.
~I raided the gift closet for a wedding gift and a birthday gift.
~I used coupons for free products and to save an additional $4 off some of our favorite candy which I was able to find at the Dollar Tree and $8 off of toothpaste at Winco.

~Jeff's work laundry was hung outside to dry on the laundry line.
~Josh filled up Jeff's car with gas since he has been using it this week.
~Josh stocked up on beer while he was here and ended up not drinking only one so I have lots of beer to cook with now.  I foresee roasts and beer cheese soup in the near future. 
~We received lots of free magazines in the mail.

   The plan for this week is to try and rest and recover.  I do plan on going up to the orchard to get some pears and apples at .50 a pound and to make a huge batch on homemade chicken noodle soup.  it is going to be a cool week here so I want warm and filling meals. :)


  1. I am so glad you got to visit with and spend so much time with loved ones - despite the reason. HUGS
    How wonderful you were gifted family heirlooms by your mother. So nice to have and to be able to pass on later in life.
    You gout some great finds.
    Get some much needed rest. Take care my friend.

    1. Thank you my friend. :) I am trying to get caught up on my blog reading and will be heading your way soon. ;)

  2. I'm also glad you had so much sweet family time.
    I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos

    1. Awww...thank you Rhonda. :) I enjoy your post and seeing your adorable grandkids too.

  3. You have been busy and I'm glad Josh was home to visit. Hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself. Many thoughts and prayers have been sent your way. Take care my friend.

    1. Thanks. :) It was nice to have him home. I got to feeling better this afternoon so Jeff and I headed up to the apple orchard and picked 20 pounds of apples.

  4. Too much fun and running will throw you into a flare. Get better.

    1. Yes it will but it was worth it to have time with my family. ;)

  5. You have had a wild couple of weeks. I'm glad you got to see everyone you did.

    Yikes! A freeze already? Wow! We still have a little time, here, I think. The garden is winding down, but I'm still picking things every few days. The canning is about done. I, also, want to get a few apples. There is an apple orchard Rob took our nephew, Jake, to a month ago, and I think they have later varieties, so we've talked about them going again. Hopefully, soon, before they are gone!

    I hope this week is easier for you, and me both. You had all that stress, and I had a very busy week. There were just too many days where I drove and drove and drove. Some weeks are like that. Let's hope we can both have a calmer week:)

    1. Hi Becky, make sure you check with the orchard...the apples here are coming in faster than they thought. Praying for you to have a calmer week also.

  6. It sounds like you had two very full weeks, Debbie. What are you planning to do with all those apples? Make something delicious to eat, I hope. :) Take care of yourself and hope the week ahead will be a good one for you.

    1. HI Bless, some of the apples will be eaten by us, some will be shared with family and friends and some will be dehydrated.

  7. Full weeks of family, how wonderful. I know there was a death involved but that person was loved by you all. You all came together in celebration at the passing of that persons life because of that love. How wonderful.
    So pleased you got to spend quality time with your boy. We skyped with our boy yesterday. He is in the last stages of preparation for leaving. Little Tilly loves her Daddy and is going to be lost without him. Having his little family will be the best incentive to bring him home safe once again. Not looking forward to the next 6 months at all.
    We finally got some rain. It has been so dry and all the brown and crunchy lawns and gardens have been given a good drink. It is wonderful.

    1. ((((((HUGS))))) Jane. It is so hard to have our kids deployed.

      I am glad you got some rain. I love that smell, especially after it being dry for so long.

  8. Hi Debbie!You had a lot going on around there.
    Here in Portugal, we're having temperatures of 35ºCelsius (about 95 Farenheit). It looks like summer...
    I'm glad you had all of your sons and family with you these days and I'm shure that better days will come. Have a great week!

    1. Oh Paula, that is way too hot for me! I am so enjoying the cooler Fall weather we are having here.

      I hope you have a good week as well!

  9. I'm repeating myself -- but I really love these posts you do. Both for what you write and your pictures.
    Again, so sorry for the emotional upheaval.
    Look at all your great finds! And I love learning stuff like the exchange policy for the bath store. I'll tuck that away as we have that store here.
    Funny, too, as I keep a list on my refrig of what I'm looking for at the thrift store. I think waited a few years before finding my never used, new in the box grain mill. It certainly pays to wait.
    On the health front - I woke up at 430am. What's with that?? CFS is such a weird disease. And I mean wide awake so I just got up. Will probably be in bed by 630 tonight.
    Have a good day!!

    1. ((((HUGS))) SJ. I know what you mean by it being a weird disease. Sometimes I am woken up at night and just have to get up for awhile before heading back to bed and other nights I just toss and turn. Last night was a rare night when I got to bed late but was able to fall back asleep when I got woken up at one point.

      You scored big time on that grain mill. I have one somewhere...I think it might be in the shed. It was missing it's collection cup, but I can easily stick something else under it to catch the flour. Sadly I have only used it once. I do need to think about using it to grind popcorn though since I have heard that makes for nice cornbread. :)

  10. About the grain mill - it was missing a part even though the mill looked like it had never been used. The part must have fallen out of the box at some point. I just looked on the Mfg web site and ordered what I needed.


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