Friday, April 10, 2015

The Blessing of Being There For Those You Love

  I got a phone call on Thursday from my son Chris asking me if I would be able to help them out.  They are in the process of trying to sell their home and, as anyone knows, that can be stressful.  Add two young children into the mix and not only are Mom and Dad stressed, but so are the kids.  It seems my oldest grandson Bradley was really feeling it and didn't know how to express it in words, so he started acting out.  Having been in that same situation before with our children when they were about the same age, I knew what was going on and that he needed some one on one time where he could just have a break (and so could his Mommy).  

   I was in town shopping when I got the call and quickly finished my errands and headed over to their house.  Bradley and Isaiah were surprised to see me there when they woke up from their naps.  Bradley immediately crawled up into my lap to cuddle and I asked him if he wanted to come home with me and keep me company since G-pa had to go to bowling league that night.  He was pretty excited about that and reminded me that I had told him the next time he came over that we would get the big Tonka trucks and diggers out to play with. ;)  Isaiah got excited when Heather told him they were going on a special Mommy and Zaiah date, just the two of them. :)

   Bradley and I had a wonderful time surprising G-pa when Bradley hopped out of the car and ran to give G-pa a big hug!  We headed down to the park to play for a bit before Jeff had to head out and then Bradley and I had dinner, worked in his sticker book, read stories and watch a favorite video.  After a nice warm bath, brushing teeth and prayers, he was off to sleep and slept clear through.  This morning he crawled into bed and cuddled with me and had some cuddle time with G-pa before we had breakfast, blew and chased bubbles outside, played with the Tonka trucks and he helped me pick out huge apple tree branches that Jeff had pruned to make bean tower tepees with.  Tomorrow he is coming back again to spend the night because last weekend we promised him he could spend this Saturday night with us so he could have some special time with G-pa too.  Yesterday was just a "bonus" sleepover. ;)  There are plans in the works for Isaiah to have some special one on one time with us soon.  

  Oh what a blessing it was to be able to just say "yes" when my family needed me.  Sure, there were other plans that had to be put on hold, but those could wait.  My family and friends are my priority...they come first.  I can't always say yes, but I try to as much as I am able and am so thankful that my husband is of the same frame of mind.  Sunday, when we take Bradley back home, Jeff will be working with Chris on a home improvement project and I know how important that is to both of them also.  The project in one that needs to get done, but more importantly, it is about the relationship that we have with our friends and family that know we will always try to be there to support and help them whenever we are able.


  1. So special that you could do this. Hugs

  2. It is so wonderful to be there when needed. You get the benefit of their little company, Mom & Dad get to take a deep breath, and the babies are showered with attention that only Grandparents can give. Everyone wins.

  3. Family and friends are a priority! I like your thinking. :)


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