Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Command Central

   Above is a picture of my white board.  It, along with my calendar, is what keeps us on track.  For the longest time now we have had a saying in our home that if it is not on the calendar, it is not happening.  ;)

   My white board is mounted onto the door to the laundry room.  It is a very convenient location and right where I can see and access it easily.  The red box is where I put our menu for the week.  This remains flexible in case something comes up and we don't get to making that item.  If that is the case, it most likely will just get moved to the next week's menu.  The blue columns are my "to do" lists.  The column on the left is my "must do" list for that day.  The column to the right is my ongoing projects list and I try to get at least 2 of those items knocked off the list each day.  It is a ever changing list with things being taken off when they are accomplished and new things added on.  I cross the items off as I and/or Jeff finishes them and at the end of the day it gives me a sense of achievement to see what all has been done.  And yes, it does not take much to amuse me. :)


  1. It looks like a great way to stay on track. I've tried several things over the years. I'm currently using a calendar book and my Smart Phone's calendar. Life continually changes and so does my calendar. :-)

    1. Thanks....between this and my calendar I can keep what little of my mind I have left. ;)


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