Saturday, April 18, 2015

Isaiah's Special Date with Grammie and G-pa

   Friday was Isaiah's special date day with Grammie.  G-pa had planned on mowing the lawn in the afternoon that day but was quickly convinced that spending some time with Isaiah would be way more fun!  Isaiah was thrilled that he got both Grammie and G-pa all to himself. 

   G-pa and Grammie had all kinds of fun things planned.  First stop was Zip's to get ice cream for Isaiah and some lunch for G-pa since he had not eaten since he woke up (G-pa works the graveyard shift).  We sat in a booth near the drive through window so Isaiah, who has excellent taste in pretty young women, had fun flashing those big bright blue eyes of his and flirting with all the college girls that came through the drive through lane.  The next stop was the thrift store where G-pa found Isaiah a fierce dinosaur and a bowling set (that one is living at Grammie's house to play with on rainy days in the long hall). 

    Grammie needed to make a stop at Rite Aid where we found even more fun stuff.  Easter candy was marked way down so we bought some of that and we even found Gummie Bears!  Isaiah loves Gummie Bears!!!  On to our next destination, the park.  Oh what a fun park it was for little guys with so many toys to climb, explore and lots of slides to go down.  Even G-pa took a turn on one of the big slides.  :)  Finally, it was time to head home.  We shared a few more Gummie Bears, hoping we would not spoil our dinners and played in the front yard until Mommy and Bradley returned from the movies.  I think we all had a wonderful  time and all three of us are looking forward to our next special date day.


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