Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It Was One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days when you woke up excited and thinking it was going to be a good day only to have one bad or disappointing thing after another happen?  Today was such a day for me.  I experienced heartache for people going through really tough times in their lives through no fault of their own.  I saw children being hurt by unkind remarks from other children.  I experienced, first hand, a verbal attack of a very miserable individual who can't seem to be able to stand to see anyone around them happy so they set out to make everyone around them as miserable as they are. 

All this left me tired, frustrated and very sad.  I don't understand why people, young or old, are so mean to each other.  It really makes me angry to see innocent people hurting due to the bad choices of others.  It saddens me to know that there are people in this world that seem to enjoy inflicting pain on others.  It makes me so tired and all I want to do is retreat for awhile and hold my precious grandson in my arms so that I am reminded of all that is pure and good in the world once more.

Tomorrow is a new day and I pray that I will once again wake up full of hope and that it will prove to be a much better day than today was.

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