Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bradley's Second Sleep Over At Grammie and G-pa's

Bradley came for his second sleep over at Grammie and G-pa's this weekend.  We met Chris and Heather on Saturday morning in a little town that is half way between both our places.  While they took off to go hiking with friends, Jeff, Bradley and I went to a little bakery and shared a huge cinnamon roll for breakfast before heading into the big town to do some shopping.  

We got our essential shopping done, went to some thrift stores, where Bradley had a great time pushing the shopping cart all over and then met Chris and Heather for lunch. They headed out to their home and we took Bradley home with us.  Bradley played for awhile, had a great time rocking in his new rocking chair and then cuddled up and fell asleep in Grammie's arms for a late afternoon nap.  After dinner, Bradley played again, watched "The Wiggles" and danced and sang with them. :)  He then watched part of "Bunny Picnic" before heading to bed.

We were so proud of him, he only woke up once during the night, had a bottle, got a change of diaper and was back down without crying in about 20 minutes time.   He then slept until 7 a.m..  After breakfast, more play time and a nice warm bath, we took him home to his Mommy and Daddy.  He was so tickled to see them and kept going back and forth between them smiling, talking and giggling. :)  I would say it was a very successful second sleep over.

Hey, I see you got that camera out again Grammie.

My feet don't reach the ground.

Rocking it!

Blinded again by the flash on Grammie's camera!

Hey, this helicopter talks!

G-pa, it plays music too!

I got tired and snuggled up with Grammie and fell asleep.

This ball is huge!

Rolling the ball all over the house is lots of fun. :)


  1. He is so cute!! Looks like you had a whole lot of fun :)

    1. Thanks Jayne...we did and can't wait for the next sleep over!

  2. Seeing Bradely in your arms is so precious, Debbie. I'm so happy it went so well and it was so fun for you to have Bradely for a sleep over! :)

    1. Thanks Lucie, I will treasure that moment forever. :)


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