Tuesday, January 24, 2023

My Twins, Chris and Josh's Children, Together.


Chris holding Tate, Josh holding Isaiah, and Bradley next to Josh.  The grandboys all enjoy their time with their uncles (and their aunties too) and each other.


Isaiah and Tate.  I think Tate would have come home with Isaiah if given the chance.  LOL!

Bradley and Peyton.  Bradley is totally in love with his baby girl cousin.  

 Buddies for life!

Isaiah finally got a turn holding Peyton.  I think he had to fight off his daddy and mommy to get her.  LOL!

Our little snow loving boy!  Tate is going to love living in Utah where he will have lots of snow to play in!

Cousin love!

Chris and his niece Peyton.  I wonder sometimes if Peyton thought he was actually her daddy Josh.


Chris with his nephew Tate (Uncle Chris is now Tate's favorite) and his niece Peyton.

I wish I had more pictures of Bradley with his cousins, but this is all I could find on my computer.  I know there are some on my phone, but I don't know how to transfer them yet.  Call me "technically challenged" LOL!  I am so glad that they all had a short but still wonderful visit!


  1. Your photos certainly showthe joys of family. I had many many cousins and loved them all. Most were a good deal older then me but not all. Such great times.

    I'm just coming around from having the flu or cvid - never tested. It was about four days of fever, chills and yuck. Then more yuck in the form of even less energy then I'm used to. But I got through and am certainly feeling loved here -- both cough syrup and homemade broth were delivered on two separate days by my hanai nephew one day and by my neice another day. And my friend brought by groceries and a Costco 'order'. What a change from living up north - I am truly blessed by being in a family now and being looked after.
    Sending hugs and prayers, SJ now in California

    1. I am so sorry you had the crud, but am so thankful you have your family there to support you.

  2. Wow identical twins fascinate me. Nice looking family

    1. Thank you! My twins are actually fraternal twins (according to what we were told since they had 2 separate placentas). They do look a lot alike though and both went into similar career fields.

  3. Sounds like they all had a lot of fun being together!

  4. So nice the kids had time all together. Peyton is a real chunker - what a doll!


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