Monday, July 11, 2022

Sometimes the Truth is Hard to Swallow


   I have been holding out hope that someone I love had escaped from a certain personality trait that is hurtful not only to others, but to themselves as well.  I have prayed for them for years as they grew up, but sadly they too are now showing this whole trait in full color.  😔  It honestly breaks my heart because I know what is ahead for them.  It makes me wonder too if we had been allowed to be an active part of their lives, if we could have made a difference in the direction that their lives have taken.  

   Do I still love them?  Of course I do.  Will they be an active part of our lives?  No...but that is by their choice and all the love in the world that we have for them is not going to change anything for them, or for us.

   It does make me sad though.  I had hoped that the outcome would have been different but sadly that was not to be.


  1. Sorry that you are sad. I am a firm believer that God puts all things on our path and those of others for reason. Blessings for all.

  2. Some things are out of our control and God has reasons for letting things happen. One day we will understand his meaning.

  3. Sorry you are sad, but, we can't change other people, we can only change ourselves.

  4. So sorry that this has come about. And how sad for you and Jeff. As a friend tells me, 'I've jumped you to the top of my prayer list'. Sending hugs,
    SJ in Vancouver BC


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