Friday, July 1, 2022

Covid has Struck YUCK!


   Well it finally happened.  Covid has struck on the home front.  Apparently the funeral for Heather's grandfather Carl was a super spreader event.  Everyone there seemed healthy, but by Tuesday, several people started feeling ill, followed by others the following days.  My guess is that someone was asymptomatic at the time of the funeral and had no idea they were sick.

   Jaysn, Rachel and Jeff all tested positive.  Steven's test was not considered accurate since they could not get a good sample from him.  I have not tested, as have others that were there, but some of them have symptoms also and are just assuming they have it.  I'm not feeling all that great today, but I do not know if I am getting it or if it is just my fibro flaring up yet again.  Some of the people who have it have been vaccinated, and some have not.  The three in our family that I know for sure have it all have been vaccinated.  We know though that the newer variants in this area are not respecting the vaccine. 😖

   Jeff had already taken today, Friday, off for a vacation day, but had to take yesterday off also.  So much for a vacation right?  He does not have "sick time" at his work, so he has to use his paid time off that he has accrued to cover this.  I am hoping that by Tuesday he will be over this and test negative so he can go back to work.  This leads me to why we all need to be prepared to the best of our ability for just about anything life throws our way.

   Because we have been diligent in trying to have our bills paid ahead of time, if at all possible, we are not in panic mode about that.  We are waiting for the credit card bill to come in, but luckily, that is being paid down quickly also.  I need to remind Jeff that since it is through our credit union, that I can just pay it straight out of our checking account online.  Our property taxes were also just paid off for the year and our expenses are not high right at the moment.

   We have a fully stocked medicine cabinet with all the things you need to combat covid at home.  We also have all the medications that I need for daily use here and have built up a bit of a surplus of them too over the past 2 years.  That is a huge blessing!

   Food wise, we are just fine.  Our pantry is well stocked, as are the freezers.  The garden is producing strawberries, herbs, spinach and lettuce at the moment, so we are good there too.  I make our bread, and have everything on hand to continue to do that for months on end.  I'm going to make a casserole or something today that we can eat on for a few days in case I get sick too.  

   Entertainment is not a problem with all the movies, books and streaming services (all free) that we have here.  My friend Ami had also lent me a book that I wanted to read, so this is the perfect time to do that.  I think the harder part is keeping Jeff from going stir crazy since he is looking outside at the grass that needs to be mowed and really wants to be out there doing it right this moment.  We are expecting rain in a few days so he is feeling the pressure.  I wish he would just relax a bit more, but he is a stubborn man. 😉 I do love him with all my heart though.

   I am praying that none of you end up with this new round of covid.  I just wish it would go away.  Be blessed all, stay healthy, cool, look for the silver linings in life.



  1. I see no reason why he can't go out and mow if he feels like it. Being outside will not infect someone - unless he is close to them.
    Don't think this will ever be gone - just like flu - it is here to stay in some form.
    Hope you both do well and don't get sick!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the Covid. I haven’t been paying much attention - to any Covid news. My husband and I came down with it late Jan. His was mild but mine kicked my behind. I almost had to go to the hospital but my DIL who is a nurse at a hospital said not to - she would take care of me and after 3 weeks I turned the corner. Mind you this is after 2 shots and a booster!

    I sure hope your husband can get back to work soon.

  3. Our family has been hit also. My son in law felt sick on the way home from Disney World and got it. A week later my son came home from 3 days in Tennessee and he got it. My nephew got it at the same time as my son but doesn't even live near any of us. My son was nice enough to give it to my husband and me 5 days later and my granddaughter just back from a school trip to France is positive. I think everyone will get this at some point. My nephew had a hard time but the rest of us have very mild cold symptoms. Hopefully you will also.

  4. My husband went out and mowed the morning he tested too. What is it with men and their lawns.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that the funeral turned out to be a super spreader event. I sincerely hope that you don't come down with it, Debbie, but, if you do, then, hope it will be a very mild case. Hope Jeff and the rest of the family make a quick recovery.

  6. If it's any consolation, I got it from neighbors late January. I had let them into 'my bubble' to play with puppygirl. For me, it was just a really bad flu/nausea with a huge headache. but the headache was treated with Advil and nausea...well,it's part of my me/cfs -- so I had lots of gingerale, soda crackers and chicken noodle soup or frozen mac & cheese already stockpiled. My case at least was way scarier for the buildup then what it actually was. Hoping you have the same or similar if you get it.
    I harvested red potatoes that were all volunteers. I got at least 20#. I'm roasting the smaller ones as I type. The bigger ones have been washed then allowed to air dry overnight and are now in my veggie crisper. Waiting for my strawberries to come in...

    Take good care. Sending hugs and prayers.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  7. Several family members out of town got it after the holidays in January, and so did I - luckily I am vaccinated and boostered but still was pretty ill with it. I have still been masking in public - might have been a person that came into my office (I work in a Mall) and they might have been asymptomatic and I let my guard down. Anyways, its spreading in my area alot right now too - my roommate's son & girlfriend tested positive 6/24 and then so did my roommate same day and roommate's son's mother - luckily I tested negative 3 times when they had it and roommate isolated too. All vaccinated and boostered - so they were ill but not severely, which is the point of the vaccines (like the flu shots - you still can get it but hopefully the shots keep you from hospitalization and/or death). Hope you all will get well fast! Take care ! Dawn P. Albany, GA


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