Wednesday, July 6, 2022

And He's Out Mowing Again!

 Men are Crazy!  ๐Ÿ˜œ

 Yes, you got that right, men are crazy!  Jeff is out mowing the lawn once again.  He is finally feeling a bit better, but I worry that he is pushing himself too much.  He tested positive for covid yet again yesterday and he is still coughing and congested.  However, he is returning to work tomorrow, with his boss's blessing (and relief if I am to be completely honest since one of his coworkers is also out with this).  He will be wearing a mask.

  I am still not having symptoms and I did test negative for it.  Hallelujah!  Heather's grandmother also did not get it, even though many of the family did get it at the funeral.  I am so glad...that would be the last thing that Sandra needs right now as she tries to sort out things.

   I do want to thank all of you who have commented and have been praying and sending good thoughts.  They are so appreciated!   (((((HUGS)))))

   Since we were stuck here at home, Jeff and I both worked on some projects indoors for the most part since we also had rain for 3 days and he was feeling pretty crappy for a good amount of the time.  I tried to get him to rest as much as possible though and I think he enjoyed his naps. ๐Ÿ˜‰  I took advantage of the time also to take some naps myself.  We did sleep in separate rooms so as not to disturb one another's sleep and to try to keep me from getting it.

   Our cold weather clothing was all finally put away and the warmer weather clothing gotten out.  We got some donate, rag and sell bags ready as we sorted through our clothing. Bread was made, as well as some comfort foods and we watched movies here at home.  Laundry was done on the days when it was nice and hung out on the line to dry.  I worked on fertilizing the tomato plants and did some weeding.  Jeff also did some weeding and totally wore himself out and set himself back early on.

   Today is the first day since he got this that I actually blew dry my hair and did not just let it air dry.  I feel like myself again.  I took care with how I dressed and did not just put on comfy old t-shirts.  I have earrings on too!  I think I may go and pick some roses from the garden and make a bouquet for the house.  Steven will be able to come over again on Friday to spend the day with Grammie...that is the absolute best part!  I have missed having my bubby with me.

  I am not trying to push myself too hard today either.  I've got a pork casserole thingy going in the crockpot and will serve that over mashed potatoes, and serve a salad from the garden on the side.  Yes, our lettuce is still good for the most part and has not gone bitter yet.  We would have some strawberries to go with it, but I ate those fresh out of the garden this morning.  Jeff is not a fan and Steven was not here to get them first.  LOL!  I will make sure to save the ones that are ripening now for him to find on Friday.

   Again, thank you all so much!


  1. Glad things are getting better. Take care.

  2. I hope Jeff will test negative before he returns to work; I'm glad you continue to test negative.

  3. Thanks so much for the update. Yes - crazy guys. On the other hand, from my me/cfs, I get it. After being unwell, I just see so many projects to do and want to get done.

    I packed away all my winter clothes and then the rains came back!! should have known after living in the PNW since the 90s to keep out a pair or two of wool socks. Silly me.
    Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  4. Out of the loop here and I suppose we all will eventually get the crud. So happy you have been spared. Of course, men are crazy you just figured that out? I thought you were a lot smarter than me:) [

  5. Tommy will push himself despite my begging him to stop. Men!


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