Monday, April 4, 2022

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 4/1/22



~Jeff brought home a bunch of free pallets from work that we will be using in the construction of our greenhouse.

~Jeff and I were both wiped out so we rested when he got home from work.  

~We watched several episodes of Survivor.

~Dinner was a salad for me with some of the leftover chicken and grapes added to it and Jeff made himself some sandwiches.


~Jeff worked on fixing the gas cap latch on his car and also did a few other things to it.

~I made a huge pot full of hearty chicken noodle soup using the rest of the chicken from the deli along with carrots, onions, celery and some diced potatoes.  I added some broken up fettuccini noodles that I had leftover from making another dish a few weeks back.  It made for a wonderful meal with lots of leftovers.

~I pulled some homemade applesauce out of the freezer to thaw.

~We took the evening to relax.

~We Facetimed with Josh and Tate. Tate actually said hi and bye to us, showed us his tummy, eyes, mouth, nose and ears and even his feet when asked to by us and interacted much more with us this time.  He is a funny little thing who is extremely happy most of the time, but man, when he is not, you hear and see it.  He is just like his father was at that age. LOL!  

~I dehydrated some fresh strawberries that I sliced up.  I love these!


~Two loaves of sandwich bread were made.

~I had some of the leftover soup for lunch.

~Dinner was what I called "Thanksgiving Casserole".  It was a total experiment that came out great! I combined a small can of chicken with its broth (much to the disappointment of the cats who wanted the broth), a can of green beans with their liquid, and a can of cream of mushroom soup.  I seasoned this with a touch of salt and some black pepper.  I then added a box of prepared chicken stuffing to the top of the mixture that I poured into a greased baking dish and covered the dish.  It cooked for about 45 minutes at 400F and I then lowered the heat to 375F with the lid off for another 15 minutes.  The stuffing soaked up most of the liquid in the bottom half of the dish and made for a very delicious meal!  My hubby loved it and so did I!

~Jeff picked up some free ice cream at Safeway on his way home so we had some of that for dessert.  I had downloaded the coupon for the free ice cream onto my Safeway card.


~I had the leftover casserole for lunch.

~Another "nudging" came over me to get more food set aside and I am so glad that I listened.  I headed into town and was able to find saltines for under $1 a box (I bought 4 boxes), cereals on clearance for $1 a box, big containers of Ricotta cheese for $1 each (I got the two that they had), more canned meats, 10 pounds of white rice, pork loin roasts on sale and some other items to stock the pantry and freezer.

~Safeway's bakery had a bunch of food grade buckets that they gave me for free and the super sweet guy working there said to come bake anytime for more since they have a lot throughout the week.  I use these for gardening, bulk food storage, etc. and I also will be sharing some with my girls.

~Dinner was leftover chicken noodle soup since I was totally wiped out after all that shopping.

~I got 2 more pounds of frozen corn going in the dehydrator.

~Jeff got some compost worked into the front raised garden bed so that it is ready for me to plant lettuce.


~Safeway's digital coupons were not that great, but I still uploaded the few I could use.  Their sales ad however was pretty good, so I will be making a list and have Jeff pick up some of the items on his way home from work either Friday (after he gets paid again) or early next week.

~I got the 2 pounds of dehydrated corn put way and started another 2 pounds going in the dehydrator.

~One of the $1 containers of Ricotta cheese was used, along with some Parmesan cheese and the last of a block of Mozzarella cheese, to make a nice big lasagna for dinner.  We had this with a side dish of homemade applesauce.  There were leftovers for at least another meal for both Jeff and I.  

~I froze the last of the homemade chicken noodle soup for another meal in the future.


~Jeff took some of the lasagna for his lunch at work and a sandwich to have for dinner before his bowling league.

~I had some of the lasagna for lunch.

~Dinner for me was homemade mashed potatoes along with a asparagus and ham stir fry and some strawberries.

~I worked on the pantry some more and found even more split peas and things. They are a great source of protein and luckily Jeff and I both enjoy split pea soup.

~The dehydrated corn was put away.  I had Jeff try some (dried) and he really liked the taste of it.  It will be handy to have on hand to eat dried and rehydrated.  I would really like to do more of it.


~Jeff took the last of the lasagna for his lunch.

~Towels and sheets were washed and hung out on the laundry line to dry.

~I took the kitchen scraps, along with the used coffee grounds out to the compost bin.  I uncovered the bin from the plastic cover we had on it, turned the compost and then left the cover off so that it can get some of the incoming rain on it this weekend.

~Shannon (my much loved hanai sister/neighbor) and I had a lovely visit over the fence.  It was so nice to catch up with her and share hugs.

~Leftover mashed potatoes were my lunch.

~We had pineapple and teriyaki meatballs, along with rice, green beans, and some fresh apple slices for dinner.

~Dessert was more of that Java Chip ice cream that Jeff got for free from Safeway.


  1. what a great week. The grocery ads here were at best pathetic. I did find two great deals though. The store loyalty program usually has points redemption at 1000 pts per $1 retail price. Today the 5# bags of oldfashioned oats were 2000points, regular price is almost $6. Score -- I got 2 bags and really thought about taking all on the shelf but didn't. On their reduced shelf, green split peas were half price. I got 3 bags.

    Oh and Saturday I ordered another 30# bag of dog food. Lucked into a spend $100 on line, get $30 off. The dog food is usually $99 per bag. So added a new small chew toy onto the order. And best of all, it's being delivered to my door.

    I also replanted peas (3rd times a charm), leaf lettuce, rainbow chard and my onion starts.

    Keep stacking it deep.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  2. Sounds like you had a good week and got a lot accomplished.

  3. I put up another 3 containers of frozen applesauce with a bag of apples that were going mealy. Also peeled and sliced a large bag of green apples and froze for pies later. Just trying not to waste. Grocery adds are dismal, but I do what I can.

  4. did you vacuum seal the dried veggies when you put them in the jars.? Or just put them in and put on the lid and ring? Frozen veggies are still an ok price here and available. Haven't tried the dehydrated hash browns either, just read about them.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada


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