Sunday, March 20, 2022

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 3/18/22



~Jeff helped Jaysn and Rachel with their new water heater.

~Jeff and I did the shopping that same day to save on gas.  Winco was out of bay leaves in the bulk section but I found them for .88 a bag in the Hispanic food section.  We noticed that a lot of their bulk and large quantity bags on things like 50 pound and 25 pound bags of flour, sugar, oats and some of the beans and rice were missing.  People seemed panicked in the store and I was very glad that we have been planning ahead.

~Rachel and Jaysn fed us lunch.

~I spent Saturday playing with Steven.

~We stopped at Goodwill and found some seat covers for Jeff's car, some cheesecloth, and a large amount of strong cotton corded rope.  All this cost us $10 with rounding up for a donation.  I had the cash on me since it was some of my "fun money" that I had been holding onto.

~Jeff and I brought the truck home and also filled my car up with gas at the cheapest station on our way home.

~We finally got my hair cut here at home.

~I made two loaves of bread.

~Teriyaki, rice, asparagus and corn were dinner Sunday night.  I saved some of the meat and sauce to use for lo mein later in the week.

~We transferred 50 pounds of flour into buckets to help keep them protected and fresh.


~I transplanted some hollyhocks from the back yard to the front where they could spread out better.

~I watched more videos and took notes on some more gardening stuff.  I am trying to learn all I can.

~Dinner was meatloaf (from venison from Chris), baked potatoes, leftover broiled asparagus and corn.  I'll also have sliced apples on the side for a sweet crisp crunch.

~I was looking around in the garage and realized that I have some large Rubbermaid totes that I don't have lids for.  I was thinking they would be good for planting things in.  Potatoes maybe?


~I continued to watch and take notes on more gardening tricks and tips.  I really feel like it is important to use our time now to learn all we can to help us in the future.  Today I learned that you can use well washed construction sand as a seed starting medium as well as starting cuttings in until they establish a good root system and then transplant them directly into the garden or into another pot with soil.

~We had leftovers for dinner.

~I mixed up some canned chicken and added mayonnaise and some finely diced celery to it.  It really is good and we can make at least 6 sandwiches with this chicken salad.  I like to add cut up grapes to my sandwiches.  I will sometimes take a sandwich sized portion of it and add some diced apple and curry to it also.  Another great way to add versatility to a basic chicken salad.


~Grocery prices are expected to rise about 12-20% within the next 30-60 days. 😖  I looked over my pantry and decided that Jeff and I should stock up on more food staples.

~I spent some time out in the garden and checked on all the plants to see what was budding out and coming up.  I was really happy to see that my Swiss chard is coming back again, as are some of my kale plants that I did not pull out.  My herbs, strawberry plants and fruit trees seem to all be doing well, thank God!

~My compost pile continues to grow as I add the kitchen scrapes and used coffee grinds to it.  

~I relearned how to make a compost "tea" to use as fertilizer.  I do remember making it way back when and it worked well for me then.  My plants loved it and I had a very lush garden.  Praying that history will repeat itself by using it again this year.

~I made teriyaki lo mein for dinner with the leftover teriyaki and sauce from earlier in the week.

~Jeff bought and installed locking gas caps on 2 of our vehicles and has an order in for one that fits our third vehicle.


~Jeff took the rest of the chicken salad to work for his lunch and I had leftover lo mein for lunch.

~Jeff ended up not having bowling league after all so he came home and surprised me with Panda Express for dinner.

~Josh, Lauren and Tate video chatted with us and gave us some wonderful news!


~Jeff took me shopping after he got home since I was having a major panic attack and needed to get out of the house.

~We were able to find some more ammo for my gun.  It has been hit or miss trying to find any.  They did not have any that fit Jeff's gun, so Chris is going to look in Montana and see if he can find some there.

~We stocked up on more "staple" foods for the pantry.


  1. 2 weeks ago I told my husband to buy a locking gas cap for our van that sits on the driveway. Our car is garaged. There was only 1 left.

    Sounds like you are very prepared. Right now, my back room is all food. We need shelves on the walls. It uised to be my sewing and craft room so I need to have a better way to store the food. We can't use the garage because of our HOT summers.

    1. Our garage gets super hot during the Summer also. I am glad you were able to get that locking gas cap. Jeff finally found one for our truck, so now all vehicles have them.

  2. It sounds like you are as prepared as you can be! Well done!

    1. Thank you Bless. I wish I felt prepared...I am noticing gaps in our pantry, so that is my next project.

  3. Sounds like you are doing a good job being stocked.

  4. Sending hugs your way for the panic attacks.

    Wallyworld has 10kg/25# bags of AP Flour on sale here for $6.97 each this week. I already got two and might go for another two.

    Yesterday's news said the railway workers were going on strike. I ordered another big bag of dog food and picked it up today. Love being able to order on line and pickup right at the cashier in the store. No need to wonder around.

    thanks for the reminder about a locking gas cap. I need to get one.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

    1. I hope you were able to pick up those additional bags of flour and I am so glad you got more dog food too. Our Walmart was scary with lots of bare shelves this weel and entire produce bins that are those stand alone ones empty also.

  5. Nothing is worse than a panic attack, so glad you were able to get out and avoid it! I perused second hand stores this weekend. It is fun to get out.

    1. Oh I hope you found some goodies at the thrift stores! I have not been online much, so I have not been keeping up with my visits to my friends blogs.


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