Friday, March 11, 2022

Frugal Friday Update 3/11/02, Bradley's Birthday and Our Anniversary

   Here it is Friday and I have once again been horrible about keeping track of my doings.  It's been a busy week with milestone celebrations and trying to keep up on the news and making sure we have everything we need on hand.  Everything is getting more expensive, and we are having to switch gears a bit. 

   Our oldest grandson, Bradley, celebrated his first double digit birthday as he turned 10 on Tuesday!  The picture above is of his morning waking up as a 10 year old.  His mom made him a special breakfast and he got his gifts from his parents and brother that morning.  Later, Heather, Chris and the boys came to pick me up here at home and we all headed to the bowling alley where we met Jeff, Rachel and Steven to go bowling.  Jaysn was sick and was unable to make it.  Bradley got more gifts from us, and from Rachel, Steven and Jaysn.  He loved the Wally McDougal set of books we got him and the Amazon gift card from Jaysn, Rachel and Steven. 😀  He also took great delight in telling me that he could drive in a few years legally and that he could hunt in Idaho and would be providing me with a deer for our freezer this Fall.  Gosh I love the boy and his generous heart!

   The next day was our 37th wedding anniversary.  Jeff had to work that day so I had a quiet day at home and made a nice dinner for us that evening.  We had rice pilaf, venison backstrap and green beans.  After dinner Jeff made us some brownies and then we hot tubbed.  Jeff also surprised me with little love notes around the house for me to find throughout the day and a new electric can opener since I am having trouble with my hands some days.  He is such a sweetheart and I am truly blessed to be his wife!

   I'm continuing to try to get more organized and take inventory of what we have and what we need.  I realized I had very little gallon Ziplock bags on hand, so I need to remedy that situation this weekend.  I also looked at how many more packages of brownie mix we have left...I mean it would be a disaster without brownies in this house. 😁  I made a detailed list of things that I need and will be picking those up this weekend when we go into town for Jeff to help install a new water heater for Jaysn and Rachel.  Theirs died earlier this week, right when Jaysn is ill too.  As far as I know, all of them are coming out here tonight for much needed showers and a bath for Steven.  I feel awful for them as they are also having continuing problems with Rachel's car and are getting it looked at for the second time after the problem was not fixed as it should have been about a week ago by another shop.

   Some of the other ways I have been trying to be more frugal is by planting some radish and spinach seeds in our garden that gets full sun for most of the day.  I know it is early to do so, but I have been researching this and have found they can be planted this early as they can handle lower temperatures as long as we do not get a hard freeze.  I decided to chance it and will see if it works.  I used some seeds that I got 4 packs for a dollar, so if it does not work, I'm only out fifty cents.  I made cinnamon bread using up some cinnamon butter that I had languishing in my refrigerator and also made a loaf of regular sandwich bread.  When we were in town on Tuesday for Bradley's birthday party I picked up some sale priced cheese and Bear Creek family sized soup mixes.  I consider the Bear Creek soup mixes convenience foods that cook up easily in 10 minutes.  They are great for last minute meals, for camping meals and to have on hand in case of an emergency since I can cook them on the BBQ grill if we are out of power and have a hot meal for us and to share with others.  Anyway, I am off to get a few more things done before the kids get here later.  Be blessed and have a great weekend!


  1. Happy birthday to Bradley and Happy anniversary to you and Jeff! What a special week of celebrations!

  2. oh my, double digits!! How exciting is that? And to be able to go hunting, say well done young man.

    I've been going to the nonprofit thrift store everyother day. I hadn't been in 2 years- it sort of fell away. It's small and I just wasn't comfortable with the number of people there. I put aside $35 cash for the month for there and the Dollar store, combined. I needed to rein in spending at the Dollar store.

    Finally, covid test kits were available here to 'nonprotected' know, just normal people. I went to Safeway to get mine and then only picked up the super loss leaders. The best was chicken thighs at $4.50/lb put also buy1get1 free. So$2.25 per pound. I found two nearly identically priced packs. Came home and immediately baked them off. Then when cooled, deboned and then made stock in my IP

    I'm also back to writing down everything I've spent money on. And have set up a true budget where I subtract out what was spent and keeping a running balance on what's left. My way to keep me super focused on my budget.

    Another weird thing I stocked up on was extra thermostats and an extra baseboard heater. Even though I'm technically in a rental and the homeowner's association should pay for the repairs, I'd rather have the supplies on hand should they be needed.

    Stay safe -- didn't know how bad it was in Spokane, that sounds nasty. Downtown Vancouver is somewhere I avoid for the same reasons.
    Hugs and prayers, SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

    1. I think you are wise to stock up on useful things and I am really proud of you for those deals! Yes, Spokane has gotten really bad and I no longer feel safe up there, even during the day.

  3. oops, should read nonprofit grocery store...

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Your grandson is a handsome young man and a kind-hearted one, too! What a treasure he must be to you all!


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