Friday, March 12, 2021

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 3/12/2021


   Spring is here and we are enjoying the sunny days, warmer temperatures and even the unpredictable sudden rain and snow showers.  My snowdrop flowers have peaked their cheery heads up and have given us a beautiful show of white booms!  Plans for my garden this year have been swirling around in my head and at this rate I am going to have to call in the kids for reinforcements to help with the work to make it all happen.  I told Jeff that I will just ask them to do this for me as my early birthday gift this year.  I really want to get the raised beds built and filled in soon and then line the walkways with all the woodchip mulch I got for free last year.  Our covid-19 cases continue to rise here again so I am planning on making the most of my time being at home this Spring and Summer with a complete dining and living room set up on the back screened in porch, lots of fresh produce from the garden and more flowers to enjoy.  I really do enjoy just living outside on the back porch when the weather allows and I look forward to the days I am able to do that again.  I have already been able to use my laundry line to dry some things and that has ramped up my Spring fever big time.  LOL!

Now onto the frugal doings:


~I made a huge pot of broccoli cheese soup with the bag of reduced price fresh broccoli I bought last week, some free cheese, chicken broth, half an onion, some seasonings and a little half and half.  So good!

~Jeff and I watched the movie "Support You Local Gunfighter" on YouTube.

~We had a loaf of reduced price Italian bread to be used up so I cut it in half length wise and used the size with the seasonings to make Pizza with and the other side I turned into garlic bread.  Another big win!

~More loaves of sandwich bread were made.

~I absolutely love primroses so I bought a beautiful one at the garden supply center (cheaper than Walmart and so many more varieties).  I will be planting this out in the garden when the flowers are done blooming so it can come up again next year out there.


~I whipped up a quick dinner of baked chicken breast slices (from the chicken I cooked and froze last week), mashed Yukon Gold potatoes and a nice big salad.  Jeff and I enjoyed it while watching an old episode of Escape to the Country on YouTube.


~Jeff and I celebrated our anniversary by going out to a Greek restaurant.  He brought home half of his dinner because it was HUGE!

~I had a coupon for a free product from Bath and Body Works that we used to get a new body spray.

~I had been on the search for a double tiered stand to put my fruit on so I could clear off more space on the counter.  I found exactly what I wanted at Goodwill.  Jeff also found a brand new shower wand there and used a 20% off coupon on that.  I also found a gorgeous dress for an upcoming wedding this Summer, a shirt for half price, a big coffee mug for Jeff, some books for Bradley and Isaiah, and a brand new cutting board.


~I cooked up 2 pork roasts that I got on discount and now have those ready for future meals.

~My cousin Jeremy stopped by for a visit bringing goodies for a charcuterie board for us all to snack on.  We had a lovely visit with him and he left most of the goodies with us.  He also brought his sweet pittie dog Maggie with him.  It was wonderful to have a dog here in the house again...even if it was just for a few hours.

~Jeff and I had leftovers for dinner.


~I washed and hung the bathroom rugs out of the laundry line to dry since it was a mostly sunny day. 

~We decided to keep Jeff's tracfone for him to carry at work and I reloaded his account today.  I found a bonus code for 60 free minutes, which was added onto the 60 minutes (that automatically doubles on his phone), giving him 180 minutes of airtime.  He only uses this phone when he has to make personal calls and as a way for his bosses to get ahold of him at home.  We keep the straight talk phone as the family phone since it has unlimited minutes per month.

~Leftovers for lunch...I love leftovers!

~Jeff had a doctor's appointment and stopped by the grocery store on his way home.  He surprised me with 2 Snickers candy bars...they are my favorite.

~Dinner was pork roast, homemade rice pilaf, and broiled asparagus.  So good!  I have lots of leftovers for more quick meals.


~I took the last of the baked chicken breast and cut it up to use in a  Buffalo Ranch salad. Yummy!

~Jeff and I finally got my hair was long overdue!  I feel human again.

~We found one of our essentials for our medicine cabinet on sale for half price at Rite Aid.  It was the last bottle they had too!  WINNING!

~We stopped by a local thrift store and I found the last 2 seasons of Downton Abbey for $5.99 and $4.99.  These are the only seasons I  have not watched yet and really wanted to.

~I also found some flannel material to make washable covers for our homemade rice bags and some really nice (maybe worn a few times) Sketchers shoes that will fit when I wear thicker socks when it is colder outside and I want to go for a walk.  These were also found at the same thrift store.

~I was able to SKYPE with Josh, Lauren and Tate.  They are in Utah on a skiing trip this weekend with friends.  Tate is outgrowing all his little outfits that he still fit into while he was here.  Slow Down Little Guy!

~Our hanai son, Ben, was playing a gig at a bar in Montana and he live streamed it so I was able to enjoy seeing and hearing him sing and play guitar again.  He got a call back for the show "The Voice" and we are so excited for him!

~Jeff has been bringing home free lumber this week from on of the places he delivers to.  They told him to take all that he wanted.  We will use this wood for future projects.

   Jeff and I are looking forward to a nice weekend at home.  It is supposed to be beautiful weather wise so we are planning to get some of the garden cleaned up and ready for  more Spring flowers to pop through and get the veggie and fruit beds ready to have the raised beds put into them when they are built.  I need to check my flower seeds and see if any need to be sown in now before the last frost.  Be blessed my friends and have a great weekend!





  1. Sounds like you had a good week and a very frugal one, too. :)

  2. Sounds like a nice week. It sounds like you are getting out more. Warmer weather is always enjoyable - I am sure we will still have some 'winter' days - but not many!
    Have a good week.

    1. I am loving the warmer weather! I hope you have a nice week as well!

  3. I just love hearing about your week. It is inspiring.

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