Thursday, July 16, 2020

Trouble Ahead

   Jeff has been going stir crazy here at home and decided to see if he was able to drive today while recovering from his knee replacement surgery.  Luckily the knee replaced was his left knee, so as long as he could get himself folded into the car, he could drive.  He was beyond thrilled to find that he could do it and proposed that we head into town to do some shopping and get some new supplies for his c-pap machine.  Off we went!

   We were able to find what we needed for his c-pap machine and also priced newer machines since his will have to be replaced soon.  We also were blessed with a manual for my father's c-pap machine that we were given as a back up machine in case Jeff's failed.  Hopefully we can figure out how to adjust the air pressure on that one so he can use it.

   Next stop was Dollar Tree.  This is where I started to see trouble ahead.  So many of the shelves were empty.  I noticed that the cleaning supplies, food storage products and things like medications along with shampoos and soaps were almost stripped bare.  There were no hand sanitizing wipes or liquids to be found.  Jeff and I picked up what we could find to restock our shelves and to up our supplies but there are still items left on our list that I am hoping we can find next time.  Just a month ago, I could find most of these things, but not now.  I am glad that I bought the wipes when they had them in stock before things starting ramping up with the covid-19 virus again.

   We stopped at several other places, including Winco.  You are required to wear a mask in Winco, which I am totally on board with.  There are signs everywhere telling you this.  Then I saw another sign that I had not see since things first started up with this virus and then disappeared for awhile..."due to limited supplies, please limit your purchase amounts of products" or something to that effect.   Yes we go again.   Things are about to get bad once more.  

   In my state we are required to wear masks whenever we are out in public and cannot social distance outside and must wear them at all times in businesses.  Businesses like bars and restaurants are fearing that they are going to have to go back to just doing curbside pickups or shut down all together again just after they have reopened with very limited seating capacity.  Our governor is saying he may roll back the opening phases due to the rapid uptick in cases.  We are right on the Washington/Idaho border and both our county and the neighboring county in Idaho are reporting cases daily.  They used to be sporadic, but not now.  The county to our north is reporting huge numbers of new cases a day...things are getting scary once more.  I know that many other areas are also experiencing huge upticks in numbers and it really is concerning considering how damaging this can be to your organs even if you are asymptomatic.  Add to that very limited immunity time and it is a recipe for disaster.  Yes, I do follow the latest information coming out from virologists and epidemiologists along with medical studies and trials from around the world.

   I am sharing this in hopes that anyone who reads this will take heed and stock up on things that you need now before things disappear completely or things are hard to find.  Please plan for shortages for months to come again.  From everything that I am seeing and reading, we are in for another tough go of it with this virus and I also am concerned about shortages caused by the civil unrest in this country along with the safety of us all.  Praying hard here. 

*I just saw that our governor has now cancelled all indoor and outdoor live entertainment and moved my county back for gatherings of 50 back to gatherings of 10 or less starting this coming Monday.  Other counties face even stricter measures and if the numbers don't go down, we may be back to our "stay home stay safe" order again which means only essential businesses and workers can be open and working.  We may have to make another run to town and stock up on things like pet foods and a few other things sooner than planned.




  1. Things are getting pretty dire, here, too, in So. Cal., Debbie. We had a one day record of over 4,000 new cases in my county on Tuesday! I haven't been inside a store since mid-March, so I don't know how the shelves look; I've been ordering my groceries and other supplies and quite often, I don't receive half of what I order and there are limits on the number of items, as well. My daughter is experiencing the same things up in the Bay Area, too.

    Glad to hear that Jeff is feeling well enough to drive, again. Stay well and take care.

    1. Oh my goodness Bless! That is a ton of people testing positive! I am glad you are staying safe. I am sorry that you are only getting about half the things that you are ordering. Praying for yo and your daughter.

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  2. Same here, Debbie. In PA things are being restricted again, and the debate about opening schools is continuing. I am searching for simple things like napkins. Thanks for the tips, my friend!

    1. Hi Billie Jo. They are having the same debate here about schools reopening. With our governor's newest order, I am thinking that schools will start online only for a bit. Have you thought about using cloth napkins instead of paper? They are easy to make. We use those most of the time and just use paper ones for really greasy or messy meals like fried chicken or sloppy joes.

  3. Glad for the update on what's going on. Hopefully your readers will chime in as well.
    I've only been to the grocery store once since February. I've been using the delivery service offered. But not every thing is available for delivery, that's why I went into the store once. Very early in the morning. I've been getting most of what I've ordered or had an acceptable substitute. For example, this week I ordered TP. The brand I ordered was out of stock but the replacement was just as good.

    Congrats to Jeff on being able to drive. I remember that milestone from my ACL surgery all those years ago. Unfortunately my surgery was on my right knee which slowed me down some.

    Stay safe and cozy. Try not to let the stress get to you - easier said then done some days I'm finding.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

    1. Hi SJ :) I am trying to manage the stress as best I can and yes, easier said than done.

      I'm glad that you have been able to get most of what you have been ordering. I wish we had grocery delivery services here but being out in the "boonies" that is not an option for us. I know I could do the Walmart grocery pickup, but I am super picky about my produce and I can't look for bargains and marked down items doing that which is a huge help in keeping our food budget in check.

      Take care my friend!

  4. So happy Jeff is able to drive. I am at a loss right now with this move. I would like to stockpile some, but don't feel like I can. We do have plenty of food so that is okay.

  5. It seems like there should be somewhere to go to get away from all of this, an island or Canada or a country faraway, but there does not seem to be an Away these days.

  6. I'm spending more money on groceries since I can't focus on loss leaders or price match. But I'm going out at all for food and it turns out i was probably going to fast food more often then I realized. But on balance, yea - spending way more on groceries now.

    I too was worried about the fruit/veggies/meats. For most of Feb and March, one of my neighbors was shopping for me as well. I asked her to pick out those things. I'm using the delivery service now for some of those things but have switched to ordering packages of items like celery/carrots rather then loose. this is the time of year I tend to eat what's in the garden.
    I don't know about WM but a friend in AZ just used the pickup service for the Kroeger affiliate. She was really impressed with how easy it was.

    Stay safe - that's the important thing.
    SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Sounds like you have a great neighbor! Stay safe my friend!

  7. LOL...should read "NOT" going out for food...

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