Thursday, May 2, 2019

Winds Are Whipping!

   The winds are whipping outside today and of course I decided that it would be a good day to hang some laundry out on the line to dry.  I washed the leggings that I had been using over the past two weeks (I did also wear other things too so please don't think this is all I wore), along with my bras and got them hung out.  Sorry if bras on the line may offend some people, but hey, this is real life folks and I did put them behind the leggings and did them while people are at work or school.  See, I am a considerate neighbor like that. ๐Ÿ˜€

   I had planned on planting some of the plants I picked up over the past weekend, but decided that I would wait a few more days so they would not be stressed by the wind.  I try to baby my plants when I first get them to give them the best chance possible.  I did notice that some of the primroses are perking back up that I got for .50 each on the discount table.  They just needed a good watering and some tender loving care.  They are loving being in the hot tub enclosure, along with the other plants, staying warm and being protected.

   We are entering a really busy season full of graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays.  I tried to get ahead of things by buying all the cards I needed for these events in May at the Dollar Tree yesterday.  At least I have that off my list.  Now I just have to see what gifts I have already bought for these occasions.  I almost forgot, Jaysn and Rachel are also moving this month, but at least I don't need to get a card for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

   Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all that is going on and like I am being blown this way and that by the buffeting winds in my life.  There is so much going on and I am still grieving the loss of my rambunctious Doofy boy cat.  It's crazy, I can now have plants and bouquets of flowers in my house (he would destroy them), which is nice, but I would trade all that to have him back being his obnoxious self.  My Facebook memory feed brought up pictures of him from 3 years ago today and it made me realize what a short time I actually had him in my life but what a huge impact he had on me.  I miss his daily craziness and playing tag with him.  I also miss his snuggles at night in the crook of my knees in bed or curled up on my lap during the days and evenings.  Midgey and Patches are doing their best to try and make up for his absence, but he was such a big personality and his passing has left a huge hole in my world.

   There are other things going on in our lives at the moment that I won't go into that are also kind of weighing on me even though I realize that there is nothing we can do about them but just be ourselves and let our actions and character speak for themselves.  If other people want to play games, they are going to have to play without us because we are done with that nonsense.  Enough said.

   Right now I need to just center myself, prioritize things and try to not get stressed out.  I can already feel things taking a huge toll on me and I need to do what I can to combat that.  I'm thinking a walk later today with Jeff and Caesar is in order.  I think we could all benefit from that.

   Be blessed all!






  1. Blessings to you! We're having a calmer day with blue skies. Had been raining and last week the wind was here in great force. This time of year it can get very stormy. God bless you,

    1. Thank you Deanna. I'm glad the weather is better for you...praying it stays that way for awhile at least. :)

  2. A windy day is perfect for drying laundry. I find going on a long walk helps clear my head. Lots of good things in your future. We also have lots of good things coming up.

    1. Tes it is. I have more out there today. ;) It's nice to have all those good things coming up isn't it? Be blessed!


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