Friday, May 31, 2019

Fading Away


    I try to post a Frugal Friday Wrap Up post but this week there won't be one.  There are more important things that have taken precedence this week and that has been my focus.  

   Our sweet Heather had surgery this week and the recovery is harder on her than expected.  Chris took time off to be with her and her mother has also been there as much as she can be.  Her church and friends started a meal train for the family and that has been a huge blessing.  I had offered to take the little boys but they already had it covered.  They did however come and spend some time with Jeff and I yesterday much to the delight of Steven who was also coming out with Rachel.  It was wonderful to see Bradley, Isaiah and Steven all enjoying each other's company.

   Over the holiday weekend, Aunt Norma (our neighbor) fell and hit her head.  She had a pretty bad deep brain bleed and was in the hospital for part of the week.  Upon release from the hospital, Uncle Bob made the decision to bring her home to take care of her instead of having her go to a medical rehab center to have strangers caring for her.  He thought she would be happier at home.  Sadly he has found that he cannot meet her many needs at this point and they are now working on getting her into a rehab center.  

   Aunt Norma has dementia and she is fading away from us all.  This fall has taken a huge toll on her and she has decided that she does not want to fight anymore and wants to go home to the Lord.  I spent time with her yesterday and had Chris come over also because he is like a grandson to them and they share a very deep bond.  We took all the grandbabies over so that Norma could see them and to also cheer up Uncle Bob.  Yesterday she could still say a few words but from what I understand, that is not the case today.  I really feel like she is just ready to escape the body and mind that is holding her captive and be free from the bonds of this illness and pain she is in once and for all.  

   Uncle Bob and I had a long talk about that yesterday and I explained that it is not that she wants to leave him, she loves him, but that she is just tired of fighting this health battle and wants to go home.  He loves her with every fiber of his being...she is his entire world.  They have been married since she was 16 years old.  Even through this horrible illness, she still would look at Bob with that deep love in her eyes and smile at him.  She would tell us stories of their life together.  Now that light is gone after this fall.  She just does not have the strength or ability to do anything at the moment and it is heartbreaking.

   After Jeff gets up later this afternoon, we will go over and visit with them again and see if there is anything we can do to help.  I would love for Uncle Bob to be able to get a break, even just going downtown for coffee, but he refuses to leave her side and I totally understand that.  He is so afraid of losing her and it is just killing him to see her fading away. 😢  My heart is breaking for him and for her and the rest of their family. 

   May I ask a favor?  If you could keep them all in your prayers, thoughts, etc. I would greatly appreciate it.  They are our hanai family and we love them deeply.  Thank you.


  1. God bless you all. Prayers for your family.

  2. Sending up prayers.

  3. I will certainly be praying. Oh my goodness, this sounds so very hard, I've had some hard things these past several years and it's so important that the saints rally through in prayers. God be with you all, prayers will go forth! Onward Christian soldiers.

    Blessings to you, ~Amelia


  4. I’m sorry about your uncle and aunt but it’s heartwarming to read about a man who loves his wife so much.
    I’ll pray for all of you

  5. I will certainly do that, this is s hard road.

  6. Prayers being said on this side of the world.

  7. It's heart breaking indeed to see a loved one going through this. We had loving neighbors when I was growing up that were the same as family to me. May the love and the promises of the Lord be in your hearts now and always. Give a hug on uncle Bob for me!

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