Friday, April 12, 2019

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 4/5-4/11 2019

   I'm going to attempt to get back to doing my Frugal Friday Wrap Up posts again...I has been a long time.  I was NOT good about documenting things this week so I am going to do my best to remember some of the high lights of it.  Wish me luck!

~We finally have good vision insurance so I was able to go in, have an exam and order some progressive bifocal glasses.  I got them for a third of the price that I would have had to pay without insurance.  I also checked some of the discounted online places and I came out about even after my insurance at a local place.  They did the whole in depth eye exam and I learned some new things about my eyes too.  Yes, they are healthy but my corneas are not fully round.
~I bought a fully cooked chicken at Winco's deli for $4.98 after my eye exam and we had that for dinner with some mashed potatoes that I quickly made in the Instant Pot.  Jeff offered to take me out to dinner but I declined and told him I would rather save the money.
~I then took the leftover chicken and made the following with it: chicken, rice (with leftover rice), broccoli and cheese casserole,  curried chicken salad with grapes and craisins,  and lastly a pot of chicken noodle soup.
~I cooked up 3 more artichokes that I got on sale for .99 each.  I had one hot that night and the other two cold within the next few days.  Artichokes are comfort food for me.
~We stopped by the Dollar Tree and I picked up more garden seeds since they are on sale 4/$1.  We also picked up some strawberry jam that Jeff likes along with a few other items.
~I borrowed several books and movies from the library.
~My mother sent home an extra C-pap machine for Jeff that we just need to get the hoses and mask for.  Jeff's machine is acting up big time and we can't afford to replace it.  Our Chris, Heather and the little boys went over for a visit and they brought it back with them.
~Mom also sent home a lap quilt and wall hanging for me that she made.
~I've been watching TV shows online.
~Jeff and I sorted through more things to donate and some to sell.
~I took an old body pillow and wrapped it in a fitted full size sheet.  I am using this on my rocker glider porch swing and both the cats and myself are enjoying the softness of it.
~I was able to hang some things on the laundry line to dry between rain storms.
~Jeff and I are trying to eat healthier so I have been cutting up veggies and putting them in containers in the refrigerator for us to use as a side dish with meals or to snack on.
~My Berkey water filter has been used a lot lately and we love it!
~Jeff found an extra coffee maker that I bought years ago and had gotten shoved way back in the pantry where we could not see it.
~I sterilized my eyeshadow pallets by spraying the eyeshadows with a mixture of water and alcohol.  It kills any bacteria that might be growing on them and helps keep your eyes healthier.  I went ahead and washed my makeup brushes while I was at it also.
~I went through our health and beauty products and took inventory of them so I know what I need and what I don't.
~Jeff has been picking up sale priced items for me that we need on his way to bowling or back home from work.  Gas prices are going up so we are really trying to limit extra trips as much as possible.
~I found a code for an extra 60 minutes of phone time for Jeff's tracfone when I refilled his account.
~Shopko is going out of business so we bought 2 bras that are well fitting and super soft for me, some batteries and some canning supplies.  All items were 50% off or more!
~My garden in coming back after it's winter nap and I see that my green onions, thyme, sage and kale all survived.  My strawberry plants are growing quickly and so is the rhubarb.  I've also been enjoying the flowers that are starting to bloom.
~Jeff is redoing the edging on our stairway that holds back the gardens.  They were cement pavers that were sticking up making sharp tips.  He tore all that out and is laying them all sideways so if someone falls, they will not be hurt as badly.  We will use some of extra cement pavers that are leftover from this project around back and make a walkway that is less mudding out into the backyard garden.
~I had some cookie dough in the freezer so I got that out and baked us some cookies.

   That is about all I can think of at the moment.  I'm hoping to get back to more baking of breads and things this week if the weather cooperates.  We have been having lots of rain which causes my Fibro to flare.  We also had historical flooding Monday in Moscow, Pullman and some other towns.  Jeff and I got out of Moscow after my eye appointment right when it got the worst and they were shutting down roads because they had turned into rivers!  It was scary and many businesses and homes were damaged.  One of our hanai daughter's car was lifted out of a parking lot and dumped sideways over a railing, wedging it in sideways between the building and the railing.  Her car is a total loss. 😢  We live up on a hill here in town so we are safe.  Praying that we don't have more flooding because people are trying to clean up from the last round.

   Be blessed all!


  1. Welcome back you have been missed. I really enjoy your Frugal Friday Wrap Up posts they feel comforting and friendly. It's also nice to hear what's going on with the family. Ronnie (England) x

  2. It sounds like you had quite an active and good week. I am glad to see you posting.
    Prayers to all affected by the waters in your area. That is so sad.
    Take care my friend.

  3. That is too bad about your daughters car. Our daughter works in Pullman at the water treatment plant and she has been crazy busy.

  4. I would love to have a good water filter. My husband trying to be 'economical" got a water distiller instead. Not sure if distilling water is a good idea but he says it's best for tea and coffee.

  5. It looks like you had a great couple of weeks. I saw a sign about Shopco going out of business yesterday, but had no idea of what they sold, so did not choose to take the 2 kids I had with me and stop in, even though the man waving the sign sure wanted everyone to:). Maybe I should have checked it out--you got some great deals.

  6. Happy to visit you tonight!
    We got a chicken from the grocery and had it for dinner, leftovers for lunch, and then soup made from the carcass! Have a cozy evening, and a good week!

  7. Very fun to see you posting. I've been taking a blog break for a few weeks but am starting back reading.
    About the CPAP - will your health insurance cover it? Mine covers a machine every five years and is included under 'durable medical equipment'. I can also spend a certain amount each year for 'parts' such as the mask and hose. Funny though, insurance won't cover the cost of the cleaning wipes.
    Sending hugs,


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