Saturday, March 31, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 3/24-3/30 2018


My favorite snack of the week.

   I'm "plum tuckered out".  I have not been sleeping well at all and it has taken it's toll on me.  It's now Saturday and I found out last night that Jaysn and Rachel's move has been put on hold for another few weeks...this is after I made a huge pasta salad to feed the moving crew and did some cleaning of our home so it would be ready for everyone and I could concentrate on taking care of our grandson Steven.  Jeff is at their home today getting some things fixed that the home inspector found and I do not expect him home until much later.  I opted to stay home today to rest.  My legs are really hurting today and I'm just feeling "off".  I think we will hot tub later when Jeff gets home and see if that helps.  Just a note...I make my list out here throughout the week each day because well...fibro fog and all. ;)

~Saturday we went over to visit my cousin Jeremy and his dog Maggie and pick up the garden cart that he bought for us at the auction the previous weekend.  Heather and the boys met us there so we could return Bradley's glasses that he left here at our house.  We had a lovely visit and it was so good to be able to spend time with Jeremy (and Maggie) again. 😁
~We headed into town to stop at the Salvation Army to look for the 2 week pill boxes but they did not have any.  They were however having a great sale on certain colored tags.  I managed to find 8 beautiful older china plates that match one that I already have and 4 gorgeous Noritake "White Scapes" dinner plates that look that they were never used.  Jeff found a cd.  Our grand total for all of that came to just a little under $9.00!  The Noritake plates are selling for $43.99 each at

~Sunday we stayed home.  I marinated some skirt steaks in Yoshida's sauce and served those with brown rice and carrot sticks for dinner.  YUM!
~Monday Jeff finished the temporary steps that are sitting directly over the crumbling cement front steps.  We want to take the old ones out, but can't afford to do that right now and then build a new wooden porch and steps, so these will do for now and he was able to use wood we had around here.  They may not be the prettiest things, but they work.
~Jeff ran down to the library for me and picked up 2 more cookbooks that they had there on hold for me.

~I discovered that my computer has a talk to type program but I am finding the formatting strange so I have yet to work that one out.
~Two more loaves of bread and another batch of croutons were made.
~We had leftovers for dinner.
~Tuesday was a stay at home day for me as well.  I did not sleep well again and was still flaring.
~I took a long bath with lavender scented epsom salts  that I had bought previously at the Dollar Tree.  Each bag is enough for 2 baths, so that is .50 a bath.  Not bad.

~When Jeff got up, he made us grilled cheese sandwiches on my homemade yummy!
~I worked on my points programs.
~I was able to have a long chat online with one of my best friends and she shared some wonderful news with me. 😊
~Dinner was a pizza that Jeff pulled out of the freezer.  I stocked up when they were $3.49 each.

~Wednesday Rachel and Steven came out to hang out with me for awhile.  I made us lunch here and we took Steven to the park.  When Jeff got up, he played with Steven before we loaded Rachel's car up with boxes so she could get more packing done.
~I borrowed 3 more movies from the library
~Since I still had some energy but knew that I was going to need to take it easy for the next 2 days so I could help with the moving on Saturday, Jeff and I ran into town and did the grocery shopping.  I scored big time on center loin pork chops in large family packs.  I bought the 2 they had marked down and divided it into 5 meals with 4 pork chops per ziplock bag.  We did use 4 of the chops for dinner that night but froze the other 4 packages.

~I used the leftover brown rice to make a pork chop and skillet casserole for dinner.
~My strawberries needed to be used up so I sliced them and had some of them with dinner.
~I found marked down deli meat, crackers, and yogurt in addition to the pork chops.
~I caught a mistake that was made when we were checking out and that saved us a $4 overcharge.

~Walmart is clearancing a bunch of their winter wear.  I found 2 fleece shirts by Cuddle Duds for $1 each.  They are super soft and warm and are perfect for my flare days when I need the extra warmth.
~Several more shows were watched late into the night online since I was up with a sick dog.
~We earn rewards on our debit card and credit card through our credit union.  I cashed in my reward points for the cash option and had that added to my savings account.

~Thursday turned into a bad crash/flare day so I did the minimum possible.  I got 3 loads of laundry washed and dried, but Jeff had to fold them for me.
~I managed to get some ground venison made into taco seasoned meat for future meals.
~I worked a bit on my points programs.
~Since I was confined to my recliner for most of the day, I watched some more shows online.

~Thursday is Jeff's bowling night.  I needed something easy and that was "comfort food" for dinner since I was flaring.  I used the leftover tuna from Wednesday and made a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich.  It really hit the spot.
~Friday I was feeling a bit better so I made a large container of tortellini pasta and veggie salad to help feed the moving crew that is helping Jaysn and Rachel move on Saturday.
~Jeff picked up a bag of potatoes on his way home from work that were on sale.

    I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Be blessed!


    You had a busy week. Great deal on the meat!
    So sorry the move got postponed. Hope someone eats all that pasta salad up!

    Relax and healing thoughts sent your way. Enjoy your Easter.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. We stayed home Sunday and both Jeff and I rested. It felt really good to do so. I sent a good portion of the pasta salad in to Jaysn and Rachel on Saturday with Jeff. Jaysn apparently dug into it the moment it arrived. ;) I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  2. Happy Easter indeed!

    So sorry the move didn't happen this week.

    Isn't it counter-intuitive about CFS/Fibro and not being able to sleep? I am the same way. When I'm too tired, I have the hardest time falling asleep and/or staying asleep. Or stress will do it to me as well. Last night, there was a knock on my door around 830pm and I opened the door to one of my neighbors. She was quite upset about something to do with our shared veggie garden space. Nothing that I had done but what someone else had done in the space that she wanted to show me, right then. I'm glad I opened the door but paid the price and couldn't fall asleep until after midnight.
    Take good care of yourself. Hugs,

    1. ((((((((HUGS)))))) Back SJ and I am sorry your neighbor was so upset. I hope whatever it was can be easily remedied. I know what you mean about sleep. I again slept in the guest bedroom (which is much cooler) for the last two nights. I tend to sleep better in there because the bed is actually a futon and it dips a little in the middle so it takes some pressure off my ribs and lower back. Still not great sleep quality, but at least I get some sleep.

  3. Happy Easter, Debbie.

    I'm sorry the move couldn't take place as initially planned and after you had made all that pasta salad, too! Is it something that you might be able to freeze? If not, I hope you'll be able to have it for meals during the week and perhaps share with your family and friends, so it will be enjoyed by all.

    Sounds like you had a very productive week, even with all the flare ups and pain! That pork chops skillet casserole looks delicious!

    Hope you have a good week and take care.

    1. Hi Bless, I sent a bunch of the pasta salad in to Jaysn and RAchel with Jeff on Saturday. They loved it! I ate the portion the I kept for 3 days and it came in handy since I was having a flare and did not have much energy at all. Today was a good day though and I got to spend time with Rachel and Steven. Rachel even got one load of boxes moved out to the apartment today. Yay!

  4. Happy Easter. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and not sleeping. I have problems sometimes sleeping and it just makes everything harder. You had a great week savings wise though. I love discounted meat. I scored some this week too. My frugal list is at

    1. Thank you and good for you for finding meat deals! Yay! Going to read your list now!

  5. So glad that you could manage some sleep. I like a cooler room to sleep in as well.
    The issue with my neighbor had to do with our veggie space that the three of us households share. A 'fourth' had claimed space in the area without any input from the three of us. Seems a little silly when i write about it but it really upset the one gal. All was worked out over the last two days. Just shows me again how important good communication is when you're part of any group effort.

    Off to the grocery store for their 10%off day. Went yesterday to the other store that has the same promotion once a month and got some good deals. The cashier even commented on one of my price matches.
    Take good care, SJ

    1. Hi SJ, I'm glad you were able to get things worked out on the garden spot. I hope you find some great deals today like you did yesterday. Be blessed my friend!

  6. I'm sorry you are feeling poorly, and hope you are much better by now!

    I love pasta salad. I'll bet it was delicious. It's too bad the move has been postponed, but hopefully, the preparations you did will stay nice until they really move. In any case, cleaning always feels good.....for a while anyway!

    Building inspectors.......I remember those days so well. They always find something. I'm glad your husband can fix it!

    Have as restful week as you can. Hang in there.

    1. Thanks Becky...sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this. It has been a busy week. Jeff did get the stuff fixed at our kids home and it looks like the sale will go through. Now to get them moved since that was put on hold.

  7. Lack of sleep is something that seems to be more and more prevalent in our society. And of course the more we ‘try’ to relax the harder it is to fall asleep.

    Sorry about the delayed move. Nothing ever goes according to plan, does it?

    1. Thank you Doreen. They finally are getting all moved now and we hae been very busy helping them. :)


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