Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 2/24-3/2 2018


   I'm very late in posting this.  I had planned to do it on Monday after a busy weekend, but I ended up tripping over the dog and taking a fall, so I was not up to doing much yesterday afternoon or evening after that.  The dog is fine and so is the computer that I dropped when I fell.  I fell on my funny bone (that hurts) and elbow and also one knee.  The knee is doing pretty good, the elbow hurts and is sporting a bruise, my back and foot are tweaked and today my neck is also sore.  This, on top of the normal Fibro pain, is really limiting me at the moment.  Thank God I did not hurt Caesar or hurt myself any worse.  Onto the saving...

~Saturday Jeff and I made a run into Pullman and had lunch.  We also picked up a few things we needed at the Dollar Tree and then went to Palouse Treasures Thrift store. We made a game of it where we each had $10 and could only spend that much or less and if we wanted to spend more, we had to negotiate with the other person to get some of their money. 😉  We had a lot of fun and each got some things that we wanted.  I can't remember all Jeff's stuff but for me, I got a Nerf football for the grandkids (the cat destroyed the other one), 2 Williams and Sonoma cookbooks along with a India cookbook
, and a puzzle for the grandkids.  Our grand total came to a little over $14 so I think we did well indeed.
~Sunday we went to Moscow to hit Marshall's clearance sale where we found a nice sweater for Jeff, a new hair styling brush for me, a sleepshirt for me, some tea and some agave.
~While in town we hit Goodwill and found some clothes for Steven ($1 each since that colored tag was half off), a really soft shirt for me ($2), 2 mugs (one of which will be a gift), a nice brand new space heater for the garage and a good sized bag of Legos that will be part of Bradley's birthday gift.
~We stocked up on fresh produce at Winco since they had great prices on pears, asparagus, bananas, broccoli and we also got some milk and shrimp.
~Jeff and I watch the old classic Godzilla movie that we got at the thrift store last week.  I remember watching it as a child and call me hokey, but I still love those old movies and I still cheer for Godzilla! 😁

~Monday I cut Jeff's hair.  He no longer looks like a hermit that just came out of the woods.
~I started to do Yoga again this week using some DVDs I have here.  Boy am I sore.
~My DIL Heather and another friend suggested that I try to do yoga with this instructor via Youtube.
~Tuesday I checked out the upcoming grocery ads online that go into affect tomorrow.  There were only 2 items that interested me so Jeff will pick those up near the ned of the sale cycle since one of the items is bananas and we still have 2 bunches here.
~One of my dear friends was rushed to the hospital Monday night so I called around this morning to the hospitals trying to find her.  I finally reached her at home and am glad that she is doing so much better.  I had planned on going in to see her at the hospital today if she was still there.
~I did not sleep well at all Monday night so I took it easy on myself Tuesday.  I still ended up having a migraine, but I knew that something would happen due to my lack of sleep...it always does.
~There was a documentary on Netflix about Charles the 8th that I watched and really liked.
~Jeff and I decided at the last minute, when he woke up in the afternoon, to go to a matinee movie.  We had been given gift cards for the theater for Christmas.  We had not had lunch so we bought sodas and popcorn and ended up spending $9 out of pocket for everything.  We really enjoyed the movie "Black Panther".
~I had won a free bagel or donut in the Safeway Monopoly game so I picked up a donut and Jeff and I split it.
~While in town, I picked up some zucchini  for .99 a pound.  I have been craving them like crazy lately.

~Jeff and I came home and had leftovers for dinner.
~Wednesday I went down to the library and borrowed another cookbook for the Instant Pot.
~I did the hot tub maintenance and saw that it needed more water so I added some and then laid the hose out in the driveway to drain so it would not freeze and then crack.
~Chopped up celery was added to the tuna salad to stretch it and make it more tasty.  I added a large stalk to a small can of tuna.  I also went light on the mayo since I am trying to eat a bit more healthy.
~I had a swagup 100 point bonus that I had to use by tomorrow so I cashed in for a $5 Texas Roadhouse gift card bringing my gifts cards for there up to $30.
~Jeff wanted to sell some bumper covers that he had in the garage so I got them listed online.
~While putting a bag full of Legos into a Glad container today I noticed that some of the parts were of one of the Star Wars plane kits.  Upon further inspection, I found lots of other cool kit parts too.  Our grandson Bradley is going to be thrilled with Grammie's $5.99 Goodwill find!
~Thursday was another stay at home day for me.  I worked on my points programs for a good portion of the day.
~Dinner that night was baked split chicken breasts with baked potatoes for Jeff and roasted asparagus for me as my side dish.  I am trying to avoid russet potatoes at the moment.
~Dessert that night was Greek yogurt with some agave to sweeten it and fresh blueberries.
~Friday we got more snow so I again stayed home.  The savings in gas is a good thing.
~Jeff needed more bread for sandwiches, so I baked him 2 more loaves.
~I was craving broccoli cheese soup so I quickly made some for lunch...YUM!
~A big salad was my choice for dinner and Jeff made himself grilled cheese sandwiches.
~Both Chris and Josh called and I had a nice visit with each of them.

   I still can't believe it is already Tuesday.  Today is a bright and sunny day and I am happy to see the sunshine.  I feel so badly for everyone that is dealing with the horrible storms in the midwest and back east.  My family members all escaped damage to their homes back east, but some of their neighbors were not so lucky.  Please keep everyone who has been affected by these storms in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Sounds like you had a great savings week. I get almost knocked over by the cats once in a while. Poor bruised you. I love the game you played with your husband at the thrift store, I will have to do that with Hub's.

    1. We have some speedy cats too that love to jump up and tag you to play with them. One of them, if he hits you full force, can knock you over. It was fun to play that game at the thrift store...and I love that we came in under $20 even more!

  2. You had quite the frugal week. Great job.
    Gentle hugs - hope you feel better soon. You have probably ended up with a bit of whiplash. Take care.

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I'm trying to take it easy since our 33rd wedding anniversary is this Friday and I want to be able to celebrate this weekend with as little pain as possible.

  3. I am so sorry that you fell. But relieved that Caesar is ok and that you didn't end up in the hospital. And that you save your computer.
    Great job on your frugal finds. And cooking all that yummy food.
    Today, I used a mix for a lemonpoppyseed quick bread that I bought a long time ago. I planned ahead and had defrosted about 1 cup of blueberries from the freezer. I only used 1 egg instead of 2 for the recipe.It's cooling on a rack as I type.
    I had a great shopping trip to the nonprofit grocery store today - 2 kinds of yogurt, hummus, cream, eggs, and a bunch of veggies. So much fun to shop there as I never know what' they'll have.Total cost = $7.50
    Also went to the senior's day at Value Village and picked up 2 dvds. That's it which is sort of a record for me to only buy two items.
    Take good care, SJ

    1. That bread sounds delicious!!! I am so happy about your finds at the grocery and thrift stores. YOu did well!!!!

    2. The bread was awesome. I don't usually buy mixes but this had been on sale with an extra peel off coupon on a 10% off day at the store. I think the mix cost me $1.50. I'll slice most of it up today and put the slices in the freezer. SJ

  4. Debbie, I am so sorry to read that you tripped and fell! But, thank goodness you are not too badly hurt and that the dog and the computer are both OK! Take it easy and rest so you can heal well.

    Great, frugal week, as always! Hope the week ahead is a good one.

    1. Thank you Bless. I really do hope you have a good week as well and that your stitches come out easily. :)

  5. I would recommend doing yoga, as well. I have chronic back and neck pain and yoga is so, so good for that! At least, for me. I do stretches about 4/6 times a week depending on how sore I am. The worse I feel, the better it feels when i’m done.
    Good job on the frugal front!

    1. I have been trying to do yoga. :)

      Cool name by the way! Be blessed. :)

  6. You are incredible with all you get done. We had to be slow here with a strong snow storm. I was happy to see the sunshine today. The city people were working hard the whole day cleaning snow. It's indeed interesting to read your posts. Take care Debbie!

    1. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with all that snow. I'll bet that sunshine really made you happy!

  7. Hello!
    First off, so glad you are ok after your fall.
    And I so enjoy reading about your days!
    You are quite good at saving...
    And I so enjoy your meals.
    The soup looks delicious!
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.

  8. Hi Debbie!
    I hope you're feeling less soared today. Around here, we're having cold, rain (but that is a good thing, because we we're facing drought in some parts of the country)and snow in the mountains.
    So, nothing like a warm and cozy home!
    Praying for you, always!

  9. I forgot to say yesterday how I really liked your $10 game with your hubs. What a fun way to stay on budget. You two rock!

  10. I'm sorry you fell. I can see you, falling down,throwing yourself sideways to miss the cat, holding that computer up so it doesn't break, and probably hurting yourself worse, but saving the computer and the cat!!! (That's my tendency when I fall!). Much, much later, when you feel all the way better, it may become a funny story.....or not. Some of mine do and some do not.

    The funniest, because no one got hurt, was a time years and years ago when my elderly grandparents all sat down on the same side of a loaded picnic table at once. The table tipped over and the 2 grandmas and 1 grandpa went over onto their backs, with their feet sticking up. The food flew off the table. One grandma's wig flew off. The potato chips actually flew off and landed in the upturned wig! Every one was laughing so hard....if we had a video, we would have won a lot of money!!! I will say no one laughed until we all realized that no one was hurt! Those grandparents are all gone now, but it's a fond memory.

    I hope you don't suffer long from the effects of the fall. It sounds like you had fun at the thrift store. I skipped most shopping this week. Instead, I paid off the rest of Patsy's orthodontist bill today. Boy, that felt good. She broke off a bracket ad nI just paid it when we went in to get it fixed. It was worth the small sacrifices I've made to get it taken care of and gone!

    Since September, I have been going 2 times a week to a Pilates class at the YMCA. I am truly the worst person in the class at Pilates. I am not athletic. At all. I am not flexible. At all. I cannot do a lot of the exercises correctly. At all. Truthfully, I did not even know what Pilates exercises were when I started. (Probably a good thing). But the teacher has worked with me from day one, giving me simpler exercises to do, and giving me pointers and encouragement. I started the class because I thought the girls would like it. They ended up not liking it and quit. The reason I did not quit is because I have found that it helps me so much. I am very stiff. This helps loosen me up. I get sore every single time. But, I had gotten so stiff I could not sit criss-cross on the floor, and now I can. Before, I could not get up from the floor without pushing myself up on a chair or something. Now I can. I can bend over easier, don't have as much pain in my shoulders, and so forth. It's working! I'm getting stronger, and better at the exercises, but not great. Now, the teacher would like me to come to yoga, too, but I just can't spare the time, yet. Maybe next year when I'm not homeschooling as many hours, having only Alissa to finish up. I'm glad you are doing yoga, for those reasons. I hope it helps you as much as this class has helped me.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and Jeff. I hope your day is special.

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