Friday, February 2, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 1/27-2/2 2018

Fresh pineapple is comfort food for me.

   I first want to say thank you to everyone that reached out to me this week (and in the past) as I struggled with major anxiety and some depression this week.  I also want to thank you for your prayers and support as I bared my soul and also for you sharing your struggles with me. It really does help to know that I am not alone.  You all honestly touched  my heart so deeply and helped me see that I was making the right choice to seek more help in dealing with these issues.  I just want to give huge ((((((((HUGS)))))) to you all!  Despite this being a really tough week emotionally for me, I did manage to get some frugal things done.  PSA, this post is going to be very heavy on the food pictures because it seems like most of my frugality revolved around food this week.

Chicken and avocado salad.

~Saturday our son Jaysn called and asked if we could watch Steven at the bowling alley while he bowled with some of his coworkers.  Rachel sadly got the flu and was not up to taking care of Steven when she was feeling so poorly.  Jeff and I went in and used some money on gift cards from the bowling alley for him to bowl and for us to have an early dinner there.  Some old friends were there so we had a really nice visit with them and of course had a wonderful time with Steven too!
~We watched the movie "Crocodile Dundee", which we have on DVD
~With the flu going around we picked up some Sambucol just in case.  Since Rachel has been sick, we are trying to be prepared.

Chicken salad round 2, curried chicken salad.

~Sunday I made some chicken salad with one huge boneless skinless chicken breast.  I made up a basic chicken salad, since that is what Jeff likes and I will add some chopped apple and curry to a small portion of it for me.
~I read several library books that I have here.
~Jeff and I have been enjoying watching the show "Carver Kings" on Netflix.
~Monday I had my annual mammogram and luckily that cost is covered under my health insurance plan.

Turmeric friend pork chops and rice. 

~Jeff offered to take me out to breakfast after my appointment, but I opted to just come home and get something here.
~We took Caesar for a long walk and then worked out in the yard for a bit.  Free exercise and it felt so good to be outside while it was not raining.😉
~Poor Rachel, it turns out she has Strep Throat.  She is now on antibiotics and we are praying that Jaysn and baby Steven don't get it.
~I read more books from the library.
~Tuesday I was not feeling well and had a low grade fever and started to get a sore throat.  I took some Sambucol and within half an hour the fever was gone and so was the sore throat. 👍
~Jeff made us homemade pancakes for dinner.  That reminds me, I need to put some more pancake mix together and make more Mapleline syrup.  I still have plenty of my homemade fruit syrup from my mom but Jeff likes the Mapleline best.

The moon.

~I tried to get some good shots of the moon but it was so bright that it threw my camera off.
~Jeff was a Sweetheart and made me a list of all the supplements I take and their dosages so that I can give have a copy made for my doctor and also have one on hand here for me in case he is not home to get all my pills sorted and ready for me for the week.  I know it sounds strange, but I can't always remember what I take and what dosages, but he does.  I would be in serious trouble if it were not for that man of mine.
~Jeff brought home some coupons he found in the recycling bin for me.

My wonderful hubby bowled a 266 game on Thursday night.

~Wednesday was not a good day for me at all.  I was going on 4 hours of sleep, had a major anxiety/panic attack and just prayed to get through that until my hubby got up for the day so we could go for a walk with the dog.   Josh did call while I was having my panic attack and that helped put it on hold for a bit, but it just ramped up again once I was off the phone. 😧
~Chris called me from Costco to tell me what the prices were for some of the vitamins and supplements that I need were.  Only one of them down there, the Vitamin C 1,000 mg was cheaper there than I can get it at Vitacost.

Potstickers with homemade sauce.  Way cheaper and better tasting than going out.

~I was craving Chinese food for dinner so I pulled some potstickers out of the freezer, cooked those up and made a sauce with apple cider vinegar and soy sauce to go with it.
~Thursday was a much better day for me.  I got out and took the dog for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine.  Caesar did really well on the walk and did not pull at all.  I think he knows that I need him to behave and rose to the challenge so that he and I can go on more walks while Jeff sleeps.
~My neighbor needed to borrow something so she came over and we had a short but nice visit.
~Sugar cookies were made from some premade cookie dough that I got on clearance as a treat for my hubby.

The blanket I won in the drawing at the hospital.  They even folded it like a butterfly.

~The hospital where I had my mammogram called and I was terrified that it was bad news since I had not gotten a letter yet and was told if they needed me to come back in, they would call.  The sweet lady that did my mammogram told me that they enter everyone's name that comes in for a mammogram each month into a drawing and I had won a blanket.  I thanked her and asked her if she could check on my results for me since I had not heard anything yet.  She was surprised that I had not gotten a letter with the results yet so she looked it up and told me I was a "winner twice" because I won the blanket and my mammogram showed no abnormalities.  Praise God!!!  Jeff picked up the blanket on his way to get his paycheck since it is in the same town.  I can breath again. 🙏
~Salad just sounded good for dinner.  Jeff was gone to his bowling league so I made a Asian shrimp and cabbage salad and it really hit the spot.
~I am trying to be good to myself and started to use my Scentsy warmer again so I can fill our home with wonderful and comforting fragrances.  Jeff really likes it too.

Asian shrimp and cabbage salad.

~We have way too many old newspapers here so I bundled them up and will run them down to the post office to put in the recycling bin there.
~Jeff picked up some sale priced 2 pound blocks of cheese for us.
~I had put some items in my cart at Vitacost the other day waiting for Jeff to get paid so I could order them.  Since I did not check out, they sent me a coupon for 10% off to complete my order.  I shopped some of the B1G1 half off sale and also went through Swagbucks to get points there.  I used to coupon code they sent me and also got free shipping.
~Friday I worked on my points programs, just like I try to do every day.
~Jeff and I hot tubbed before he headed to work.  We had not done that for awhile and it felt really good to soak my tired and sore muscles (today was a flare day).

Dinner Friday night.

~Dinner was elk backstrap steaks, sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes and Fuji apple slices.  Between Jeff and I, it only took 10 minutes to cook the entire meal since we did the potatoes in the microwave to save time and energy.
~I had some avocado with lemon juice, freshly ground pepper and Himalayan salt for a late night snack we ate dinner so early and I had not had either breakfast or lunch.  Avocados are so good for you and really help lower your bad cholesterol levels. 
~The fur babies have provide me with lots of entertainment this week.

Apparently Doofy could not be bothered to wait his turn to eat so he went straight to the source.

   Jeff and I are planning to have a relaxing weekend.  We do have some shopping to do Saturday, but then are going to come home and shut the rest of the world out (unless the kids need us) and watch movies, play board games, hot tub and take walks if the weather cooperates.  I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday for bloodwork and a physical and will be discussing my need for more help managing my anxiety issues.  Be blessed my friends and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me.  Much love to you all!  



  1. Your meals look very good! That fresh pineapple almost smells good, too, even from a distance:)

    I'm very glad your results turned out good. I hope the blanket is as fuzzy and warm as it looks. I really need to get my appointments made for several things, including my mammogram, physical, and eye exam. I hate going, to start, and never feel like I have the time for it! (excuses, I know....) and would way rather take other people to the doctor and dentist than go myself!!! Did I mention I hate medical stuff:)

    I'm glad you get to spend time with the baby. There is nothing like a small child to bring out the best in me, and brighten my day!

    Hopefully, this weekend will be restful for you. My weekend has gone crazy again, but it's all good. My autistic niece decided to spend the weekend again, which is somewhat of a miracle as she really doesn't like to leave home. We are trying to get her used to being here more often. It's good for her personal growth. My oldest daughter and husband are coming over, also a rare treat. Then, family Sunday dinner is here this week, as my sister is out of town. It will be small, but Rob wants to watch the Super Bowl, so I want to make him some special snacky food for that. We did not have tv for about 10 years, so it's a big treat for him to get to watch football. He doesn't want me to stress, but I think chili, hot dogs, chips, dip, pickle rolls (lunchmeat, cream cheese and pickles)....things like that won't be hard and will make it special.

    1. Oh my goodness Becky, you are so busy! I don't know how you keep up the pace of it all. I'd collapse into a puddle of tears because I just can't keep up that kind of pace...even if I was feeling great. Please do make those appointments and just get them over with. I think the worry leading up to them and then waiting for results is nerve wracking and the worst, but oh the relief once they are over. I do hope you had a great time with your family over the weekend!

    2. I had a wonderful time over the weekend, and since my stove broke, it was SO handy that my son-in-law was there to help get it installed!!!

      I can't always keep up this pace. Occasionally, I collapse in a heap and retreat to the bedroom and do absolutely nothing for an evening!!!

  2. Good morning. It sounds like a nice week. All your food sounds so yummy.
    Get some rest this weekend and enjoy your time with hubby.
    Happy all was well with the mammogram and how cool you won the pretty blanket!

    1. Thank you Cheryl. :) We did have a nice weekend for the most part. I hope your's was good as well. :)

  3. Hello!
    Such good looking food here this morning.
    Your relaxing weekend sounds perfect to me.
    I love being home with my family, shutting the rest of the world out, as you said!
    And I am SOOO HAPPY for you regarding your mammogram!!!!
    Isn't that the very best feeling in the world when you hear that news?!?!
    Mine is coming up in April.
    I am already feeling the unease creeping in.
    Prayers for my peace of mind, please?
    Thanks my friend!

    1. Thanks Billie Jo and yes, it really is! I will be praying for you as I know exactly how you are feeling. (((((((HUGS))))))

  4. Hi - I take Celexa everyday for my anxiety/panic. It does really help take the edge off my anxiety. Without it, I get so anxious at night, the dark bothers me. You mentioned in your post that you had a panic attack. I have read before that rubbing an ice cube on the inside of your wrist can help with that....I do use that trick sometimes. And for me, it helps to take a good breath of cold air. Winter is no problem, but in the summer I have been known to stick my head in my freezer for a few cold breaths! I also read that orange juice and a banana is good when you are anxious because both are high in potassium which is good for anxiety. I hope you are feeling good today.

    1. Hi Meme, I have read that too. Funny that you go and take a breath of cold air...I do the same thing and it does help. I did not know thee orange juice and banana trick...I will have to try those. Thank you! I will be praying for you as I know how hard living with anxiety and panic attacks are. (((((((HUGS)))))

  5. Debbie, I am so glad to hear that the results of the mammogram were good! And what a lovely blanket to have won! Enjoy it!

    1. Thank you Bless. My first thought when I won it was that I hoped you had a soft blanket like this while you were going through your treatments. Much love to you!

  6. I hate waiting for results. I always imagine the worst.

    1. I do too...and then I make plans for the "what if" scenario that runs rampant through my head. UGH!

  7. Hi Debbie I havent been commenting much but I have been following along. It's just been a bit on the busy side around here. Sorry to hear that the flairs are ongoing and that panic attacks are ocurring. I cant help you out with either of these as they are out of my field of knowledge. I hope that getting out in the sunshine with your gorgeous puppy will help get you feeling much better.

    1. Thank you Jane, you are so very sweet. :) Praying all is going well for you and Bluey. Much love!

  8. Glad you are trying to take care of yourself, Debs. And all of your food pics look delicious!

    1. Thank you Sandy. :) How are the wedding plans coming for Katie?


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