Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 1/13-1/19 2018

Grammie's teething littlest love that has kept her busy!

   I'm later than usual getting this post up.  I had a really busy weekend, Monday and Tuesday.  Two of those days were spent with our youngest grandson Steven doing lots of cuddling, playing, and helping out his mommy and daddy with a project and then with some appointments.  Another day was spent shopping out of town and Monday was a catch up day here at home.  Today I am feeling it all.  I could tell that last night that I was crashing and sure enough, this morning it was hard to even move.  My amazing hanai sister/friend even took some thing back to the library for me because I was having some dizziness issues and knew I could not drive myself.  It was a "God thing" that she did because it put her in the right place at the right time to help someone in crisis there.  Shannon is amazing is so many ways with her ability to stay calm in a crisis, her loving and caring heart and her willingness to not only be there for those she loves, but for complete strangers too.  Everyone needs a Shannon in their lives.  Now onto the frugal ways of last week...

~Saturday we stayed home to rest since both of us had been feeling under the weather still.  I made Teriyaki Meatloaf and served it with rice, fresh pear slices and some Kim Chee on the side for me.
~Jeff and I watched lots of the the International House Hunters and Escape to the Country shows on YouTube.  We really enjoy those shows and were glad to see that we can still watch them online.
~Sunday Jeff took me into town since he needed to pick up the stair stringers for Jaysn and Rachel's place.  We had lunch at one of our favorite locally owned Chinese restaurants and had a really nice visit with the owner.  It costs the same amount of money to get good and healthy food there as it does to go to one of the fast food places.
~We also went to Goodwill and found some things there. We donated some clothing so we got a 20% off one item coupon.  The stereo Jeff picked up did not work, so it will be going back for a refund.  We had used the 20% off on that so I told Jeff to make sure he took the receipt with him and point that out so that they would refund the adjusted amount.  He did find a nice Adidas moisture wicking sports dress shirt there along with some cds.  I bought 2 dvds, some Method liquid hand soap, a shirt and some books.

~The Dollar Tree had one pair of socks left there that I wanted (I had bought some previously and loved them) and we lucked out on finding large boxes of Honey Oat Ohs.  We got 4 boxes of them and I will pick up more on Tuesday if they have any left.
~We had leftovers for dinner that night.
~Monday I baked 3 loaves of banana bread and 2 loaves of sandwich bread.  I think we are set for the week on bread now.
~While doing laundry, I noticed that I was running out of dryer sheets.  I pulled my last box of them out of my storage area and then cut all those sheets in half so they are ready to go. I find I only need half a sheet to do the job.

~Jeff worked on taking measurement and putting together a materials list of things he will need to do those steps for Jaysn and Rachel's house.  He wanted to see what he already had on hand here at home before buying more materials.  He is buying the materials and they are paying us back for them.
~Dinner Monday night was halibut bites (the halibut was a gift from Heather's parents), chicken and broccoli rice and cherry tomatoes.  I was going to get a picture of it but realized that I had the camera battery much for that idea.
~Tuesday Jeff and I did our grocery shopping.  Some of the good deals we found we large cans of coffee for $4.74 (we got 4 cans), HOney Bunches of Oats for $1.99 (got 2 boxes), and large sub sandwich from the deli for $2.74 (we split that for a late lunch while we were running errands), large frozen pizzas for $3.37 (got 3 of those), milk for $1.77 a gallon among other things.

~We took the stereo that did not work back to Goodwill and Jeff found a nice pair of heavy duty and waterproof winter boots, I found canning jar lids and a pretty Thomas Kinkade mug.
~Wednesday I picked up movies and books that I had on hold at the library.  We save so much money by using our library as a source of free entertainment. 😊
~I really was too tired to cook anything for dinner so my hubby ordered a chicken strips dinner from the tavern.  We split it.  We do budget this in for once or twice a month.
~Thursday I did some research to find out why we were "double billed" for our phone and internet service.  It turns out that Frontier somehow lost our payment for last month so they just billed us for last month and this month on the current statement.  I found this out by going through our bank statements and our check register.
~Jeff and I finally got my hair cut!  We took about 3 inches off and I feel so much better.

~I streamed more TV shows online.
~Since Jeff had bowling league, he finished up the leftovers for dinner before he left and I had a "snacky" dinner.
~After a lot of discussions, I think I have finally convinced my husband to cut back on his coffee consumption.  He was drinking at least 2 huge mugs or more a day.  Each of those mugs holds 4 cups in it.😦  He also will pick up a large cup of coffee some night while he is on his route.  That is way too much coffee for anyone!  I have one smallish mug a day of coffee.
~I spent Thursday evening catching up on some blog reading and then settled in to read a book from the library and sip on some of my hot lemon/ginger/honey drink.  I love rereading old favorites like "Continuing the Good Life" by Helen and Scott Nearing.  I wore out my copy of their first book "Living the Good Life" that was in paperback and am on the hunt for a hardbound copy at one of the used book stores.
~I had my Swagbucks programs running in the background while I read.

~Friday I had a long list of things to get done but had gotten some disturbing news late Thursday night so I did not sleep well at all.  The "ugly family drama" has reared it's twisted head again. That threw me protective "Mama Bear" mode and into a Fibro flare...😠
~I was really proud of my husband when I found that he had cut way back on the amount of coffee that he had ready to brew in the coffee pot when I switched it on in the morning.
~Swagbucks surprised me with a 100 sbs search win today!  Woohoo!

   I will not have a Frugal Friday Wrap Up post at the end of this week.  Since I have been so busy this week, I have not been jotting things down and I tend to forget if I don't do that daily.  I'm going to have a busy day tomorrow too visiting with one of my hanai daughters and her precious sons and seeing their new house. :)  Friday I suspect will be another slow day at home for me and I would like to get a meal made for a friend that just lost her mother today.  I need to concentrate on the people that need me this week and trying to take care of myself in between.  I know that my friends here will understand.  God bless!


  1. Sounds like a very eventful week! I love that baby's fat little legs I wants to bite them...

    1. Thank has been a very busy week. Steven is very ticklish on his fat little legs too. ;)

  2. I do the same thing with my dryer sheets. I hope you have a restful rest of the week!

    1. Thank you my friend. :) I buy my dryer sheets at the Dollar Tree so by cutting them in half I get 60 dryer loads per box. :)

  3. My husband breaks out in a rash unless we use the natural dryer sheets, and detergent, but I still save a lot by cutting them in 1/2 and only using a coupe of tablespoons of detergent per load. It's pretty concentrated.

    I hope you recover quickly from your latest flare. I'm glad you can rest up for a couple of days, and hope you can manage helping the ones that need helping without over-doing it. I know how it is. I've said to myself many times--This person doesn't need help later when I feel like it, they need help NOW! So, I get it. Hang in there:)

    1. Thanks Becky, I did really well today and was able to go and enjoy time with my friend and her little boys. :)

      Have you tried the Seventh Generation laundry detergent for Rob? I love that stuff!

  4. So happy to see this and the next post. Your baby Stephen is such a cutie - how can you stand to not spend time with him.

    The noon news said it was snowing in downtown Vancouver. Yikes. The weather yesterday said the snow wouldn't be here until Saturday - crazy weather. Glad I only had really close errands to run today ( I did two errands, yippee!!).

    Cooked up some spare ribs in my IP this AM and will finish them with BBQ sauce in the oven at dinnertime. Yum. So happy that I feel like cooking again.
    Sending hugs and prayers,

    1. Hi SJ, those ribs sound so good! We did get some snow here earlier today and another dusting tonight. Nothing to get excited about though. ;) It is hard to stay away from any of my grandboys but I did get a baby and 2 year old fix today when I had lunch with one of my hanai daughters. Oh those baby snuggles!!!! :) Be blessed!

  5. Wow! You have been busy. Take care and enjoy your time with your family. XX

    1. Thanks! :) I had a wonderful time today and am hoping that I can get a bunch of stuff caught up around here tomorrow. I hope you have a great upcoming weekend!

  6. Sounds like you had a very good week, filled with lots of frugal activities and good bargains. Little Steven looks so cute! Teething time is hard for everyone, isn't it? I'm drooling over the pictures of your bread!

    1. Thank you my friend. :) Steven has 2 little bottom teeth now and he looks so cute with them. :)

  7. The snow arrived here yesterday afternoon. But was gone by dinner time. And,yes, the ribs were awesome. Cooked them submerged in beef broth/seasonings for 40 minutes in the IP on the meat setting. Falling off the bone tender. Then cooked in the oven on low for 30 minutes with BBQ sauce. So far, ribs are my favorite recipe in the IP.
    Took my car in to the dealer this morning for a repair and got a loaner. Oh, my, I have car envy! This itty bitty Ford Fiesta drives like a sports car! Ha!
    Take good care, SJ

    1. I am definitely going to have to try those ribs now! So is the Ford Fiesta on the short list for your next car? ;)

  8. Hahaha - no new car for me. My Ford Ranger is 12+years old but only has 65K miles on it. Don't need a new car at all- just had a serious case of the 'wants' pop up.
    In fact, I'm still driving on my original tires. Disclaimer - it does help that 1/2 the year I'm driving on snowies which extends the life of the original tires.
    The Fiesta was just so fun!! It felt like I lightly tapped the gas and the car jumped forward! Really different then my pickup. Course if I ever clean out the back of the truck and quit using it like a garden shed, that might help with its 'go'.
    Seriously, though. I miss not being able to take more then one passenger. I'm thinking about enrolling in a car share service. There's one that I can signup for through AAA so no membership fee. I just have to order a copy of my driving record which costs some money. Then, once approved, I can pickup a car and pay for its usage as needed. Way cheaper then buying another car.
    Snow had been predicted for this morning but so far just rain, and it's not even cold. Yea. Love this kind of winter.
    Cheers, SJ

    1. Hi my friend! I have never heard of the car share through AAA before. It sounds really interesting!


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