Saturday, August 12, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 8/5-8/11 2017


   We still have smoky skies here but they are saying that it should clear out by tomorrow.  Between that and the record breaking heat, it has been a rough week healthwise for me.  This has led to me spending lots of time resting and even being afraid to try to work in the garden or get the watering done.  I have had 2 different times when my muscles have locked up and I have almost gone down.  So much for being able to pick the apples off our tree this week and make applesauce.  Hopefully, if the skies clear tomorrow, I can get to that.  On the days where I felt a bit better though, I did manage to do some money saving things so it is not all lost or bad news.  Life goes on right? 😉

~Saturday found us house bound due to the heavy wildfire smoke in the air.  It kicked my asthma in and I was worried about the fur babies breathing it also.  For the most part, we all stayed inside and made the best of it.  We watched movies on Netflix, ones we had borrowed from our son Jaysn  and had nachos for lunch and played some Scrabble.  I did venture out in the early morning to water the gardens and later to pick some tomatoes, but that was it.
~I was thrilled when a dear friend came to "shop my pantry" so that she did not have to make the long drive into town today with the horrible air quality we are having and then have to make dinner and rush to work.
~I made some iced tea with 4 teabags.  I'll compost the tea bags in my garden.

~I strained my homemade raspberry gin and now have the flavored gin plus 2 jars of boozy berries. One of those jars will be going to my cousin Jeremy since he loves them!
~Staples sent me a coupon for $10 of $10 or more purchase.  I was able to get lots of school supplies for .38 after tax with my coupon and 10% discount.  They also gave me a teacher appreciation gift since I work with the MOPS program.
~The Dollar Tree store had my hairspray back in along with Secret antiperspirant.  I got those, toothpaste, Hefty bags (at .50 a box after coupon), body powder, salami, coffee creamer and scrubby pads.

~Winco had lamb chops at half price.  I got 2 packages with 5 chops in each.  These were frozen for future special dinners.
~Jeff and I watched the movie "Trouble with the Curve" on Netflix.
~I made another tuna pasta salad to have on these hot days. I used green onions from the garden in it.
~Saturday night I made a big pot of rice.  We will use it throughout the week.
~I pulled out some shoyu chicken from the freezer to use this week.
~We watched some shows online and on Netflix.

~I harvested green onions, a cucumber and cherry tomatoes from the garden. Later in the week I also harvested some blueberries and raspberries.
~We stopped at a yard sale on our way home from town on Sunday.  I got 2 big boxes full of party supplies with plates, napkins, decorations, etc. for $3.  I also got lots of kids books for .25 each, and Jeff found some cds for $1 each.

~I froze 10 bananas to make banana bread with later.
~Jeff fixed the exhaust fan in the bathroom at Jaysn and Rachel's house for them.  It just needed a good cleaning and lubricating.
~I was able to find the last item that I needed for the craft kit I am putting together for the little boys at Walmart today.  I found a huge package of construction paper.  It was on sale so bonus!
~I washed some of my delicates and put them over the chairs on the porch to dry.
~My sweet mother sent home some Paul Newman's Lime Vinaigrette salad dressing (we can't get it here) and wine over for me with Chris and Heather.
~Jeff and I found a great deal on toilet paper so we bought 4 double roll 9 packs.  We figured that we saved about $16 right there.

~Heather brought us over a zucchini coffee cake.
~We sent half a watermelon home with Chris and Heather since it was too much for us to eat alone and we know they and the little boys will love it.  We also sent them home with packing boxes.
~A friend of my son Chris' who is from Hawaii made some Spam Musubi for him and I and also sent me some coffee.  I am looking forward to getting together with them soon!
~I ordered more cat food and two 40 pound bags of kitty litter online.  I get free shipping and they will be here in 1-2 days.  The products even cost less online than they do locally and I don't have to drive anywhere to get them.
~I line dried Jeff's laundry since it is his work clothes.
~I scored a free magazine subscription.

~There was some zucchini that needed to be used up ASAP so I made another squash casserole.  Comfort food.  YUM!
~Wednesday was another day at home with me keeping the fur babies inside due to the thick smoke and dust in the air.  I did not cook anything because we have so many leftovers in the fridge.  It is literally filled to overflowing at the moment.
~I cashed in at Swagbucks for another $5 Walmart gift card.
~I did some surveys for Pinecone Research.
~I won 55 pts at Mypoints in their absent apple game.
~I watched a lot of videos on YouTube as I try to learn more about CFS and Fibromyalgia and what I can do to help myself heal.
~I used our $30 Walmart gift cards to buy 2 packages of underwear for me (total of 14 pairs), a package of underwear for Jeff, a package of socks for Jeff, a cute outfit for Steven for Christmas and 4 bottles of glue.  I spent $6.64 in cash over the gift card amount.  Jeff and I are stocked up for awhile now on undies and socks.

~Friday I put everything on hold since I had a Fibro flare.  I did not go anywhere and did the bare minimum around the house.  I knew it was bad not only because of the pain but due to the "fibro fog" I could not even remember simple things like what year it is.  It felt like I was walking around with bricks all over my body.
~A box of Cheez Its that I had bought were stale.  I called the toll free number on the box to report that and they are sending me a coupon to get a free replacement of it.

~Friday I made a big salad for dinner with lettuce, avocado, cheese, bacon and some tomatoes from our garden.
~Jeff and I used our hot tub while it was a 90F to soak in to help ease out sore muscles and to cool off.

  After reading through my list again, I am feeling a bit more positive about what I WAS able to do and not so made about what I was not able to do.  It's all a matter of perspective isn't it?  This afternoon the company that Jeff works for is throwing a BBQ and then has rented out a waterpark for all the employees and their families.  I'm not sure if Jaysn and Rachel are going to make it because there is still smoke in the sky and they can't risk taking Steven out in this.  Chris, Heather and the little boys are coming down though when Chris gets off work.  Isaiah and I have a "date" to float on the Lazy River together and I am really looking forward to that.  I'm hoping to spend some time in the wave pool too but think I will skip the water slides since climbing those stairs will be difficult for me today.  Be blessed!


  1. Look at all you got done this week!! I,too, have a hard time acknowledging what I did accomplish. I still focus more on what I didn't get to on my 'to-do'list.
    Trouble with the Curve is one of my go-to favorite movies. I have it on dvd and love it.
    I'm right with you about the effect this smoke is having on my health. And I don't normally have breathing problems but I woke-up Thursday feeling like this heavy weight was on my chest. I'm glad today is a little better weather wise and tomorrow we're supposed to get rain. I hope that holds.

    I've been in a slight crash since coming home from my trip. But given that I was on a 5-day trip, I am over the moon with how well I'm feeling. I've only done the absolute necessary things the last three days. I've run 'errands' about an hour each morning and then back in my jammies for the rest of the day. Was in bed last night at 615 -- crazy but that's what I've needed.
    I,too, feel the pressure to get on with gardening and harvesting. But that's not happening and I am actually ok with it, mostly. One of my community gardens have apples to harvest and I won't be doing that any time soon. I'm actually quite at peace with it all. There's not point in fight it, that's a waste of energy that I just don't have.

    Well, that was quite a ramble...Maybe my brain fog is kicking in as well...... take good care of yourself. SJ

    1. Good Morning SJ! Did you get the rain that we had too? Oh it was glorious to sleep in this morning to the sound and smell of it. :)

      I'm glad that your crash was not that bad considering that you had been on the go with your trip. I'm also glad that you are giving yourself grace and are at peace with not going and doing the apple harvest. We can only do what we can right?

      Be blessed!

  2. Sorry to hear that you had such a miserable fibro flareup. The salads that you made look so delicious. My husband just had two teeth pulled, so we both have been eating foods that are soft and smooth. I am trying not to eat anything crunchy or meaty in order not to tempt him.

    That smoke in your area looks bad. It would be bad for me too. Anytime there is a nice fresh cool evening around here, we end up having to keep our doors and windows closed because so many people in houses nearby are enjoying their fire pit bonfires. I don't begrudge them their bonfires and fun, but wish they could put them out after midnight so we could get some fresh air into our house.

    I hope your fibro simmers down and you can enjoy the rest of this last full month of summer.

    1. Thank you Susie. Praying your hubby feels better soon after having those teeth pulled.

      We got some rain and winds finally that moved the smoke out and settled the dust from harvest down a bit. Today I have the windows open and am enjoying the cool air. I would worry about your neighbors not fully putting out their bonfires. Don't they realize how dangerous (not to mention rude) that is?

  3. For someone who is not very well you make me feel like a big lazy blob. Isn't it wonderful that you have enough put by to be able to help your friend 'shop' your pantry. It also means that you are able to stay out of all that smoke and keep yourself safe.
    I have been reading your blog posts but haven't commented as we have been having a wonderful time travelling the countyside in our caravan. We got home last Thursday and have been busy unpacking, cleaning and washing.
    It's supposed to be winter but I am writing this in Tshirt and shorts with the fur baby sitting on the recliner with me.
    I hope that these fibro flairs settle down and you can have some health worry free time.
    I hope you enjoyed your date with your Grandie.

    1. HI Jane. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time traveling and getting out. :) Please don't feel like a lazy blob. Remember, this is a week's worth of activity, not a day! ;)
      Your weather reminds me of growing up in Hawaii. Winter just meant we got more rain than Summer. Oh, and yes, my husband and I had a wonderful time with our grandkids yesterday!

  4. Quite a lot accomplished this week gal. Sounds very frugal as well. I think you did great.
    Sorry about the fibro flare-up. Feel better.
    Hope the smoke clears for you all.

    1. Hi Cheryl, we had rain come through and it sure helped to clear out the smoke and settle down some of the dust from harvest. :) Our dog is also thrilled because it cooled down to the 70's so he is out on his first walk in over a month with my hubby right now. My fibro flair started to settle down so I was able to fully enjoy our time at the waterpark with the grandboys yesterday. :)

  5. The thought of your gin makes my mouth water. I've got to make some of that. Take good care of yourself. I hope the videos help you figure out something. XX

    1. HI! You have to try making the is so easy and so good! The juice from the raspberries actually helps take some of the "bite" on of the gin. I'm doing better today and actually feeling pretty good after having a full day yesterday. I think the weather finally cooling down has a lot to do with that. Be blessed!

  6. I hope the smoke continues to abate. Definitely focus on what you've been able to accomplish and not on what you weren't able to do. Hope you continue to improve in health. Take care of yourself.

    1. Thanks Bless. :) We got rain last night so it drastically cooled down and knocked some of the smoke out of the air. It has been wonderful to have the windows open and smell clean air once again. :) It has really helped calm my flare down too. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  7. So nice to see that you're able to answer everyone's comments. And, yes,the rain started here some time last night and continued through mid-morning. It cooled the temps down and cleared the air. Yea!
    I ran (so to speak,ha!) to the grocery store to price match something. And gave the dog his 15 minute walk around the block. And back into my jammies. I'm feeling better.

    Last night was rough though- I had some horrible night sweats. That's one of the symptoms that's still a challenge. I know when I have them then the next day I have to come to a stop. Not what I want to do but have to do. I know you get it and that's such a blessing to me.
    Glad the cooler temps are helping ease your flare. The water park with your grands sounds like fun. I love playing in the water - swimming, splashing, anything.
    Cheers, SJ

    1. I am so glad you got the rain and are feeling better despite those awful night sweats. I still get those too and I tend to keep the house really cold at night when my hubby is at work. Last night I did not keep it as cold since he was home and I did not sleep well at all. I finally got to sleep around 3 this morning and then was woken up by a rukus next door.

      I do hope that today is a much better day and that you slept well last night!

  8. You really did get a lot done!!!!
    Hopefully, the smoke will clear out soon:) I'm a little behind reading posts because I've been away--maybe it already has!

  9. The smoke is gone now...Praise God! I'm behind on my reading and commenting too. It looks like you had a fabulous Mission Trip. :)


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