Sunday, November 27, 2016

Savoring the Moments

   I wish I had a camera at the ready on Thanksgiving day when the family gathered to celebrate.  There were so many special moments that I would have loved to capture and have a visual memory of.  We celebrated with Heather's side of the family and her grandparents, her brother and his family, her parents, her sister in laws parents, my cousin and Jeff and I were all there together enjoying each others company.

   There were 2 new puppies that stole everyone's hearts with their cute little puppy cuddliness.  One was so tiny he could fit in your hand and the other, a Chocolate Lab, with the softest fur imaginable.  Little Joby, the youngest of the children there and the cousin of our grandboys, made the rounds cuddling in on everyone's lap and having them read him stories.  I even got turn and loved every single second of it.  He is just starting to talk and was so excited about the pictures in the books.

   Great Grandpa Carl and Great Grandma Sandra are two of my favorite people and we have grown close to them over the years.  I watched with great delight and Jeff and Grandpa Carl tickled Bradley who was soaking up all the attention.  Grandma Sandra and Isaiah shared a coloring book and had a wonderful conversation as they each colored a page side by side.

   Macie, the only girl cousin in the group, was so patient with both Bradley and Isaiah while playing Candyland with them.  This is HUGE considering that there has been some friction between them in the past.  I made sure to praise her big time for her kindness to her cousins.

   There was a very loud and rambunctious game of Spoons after dinner.  The group that was playing are very cut throat and enthusiastic about the game.  I wisely watched from the couch and played with the younger children.  This particular group has been known to dive onto the floor taking out a table leg in the past to get that last elusive spoon. 😉

   There were so many more special moments that I will treasure in my heart for years to come.  It was wonderful to spend Thanksgiving with family, and they all are a very big and important part of our family.  We are very blessed indeed!



  1. Kids and puppies - just love both. A breeder close by just had a litter of goldens and has been posting pics in my fb feed. Adorable. But I look at my 'sugar faced' golden and love this time as well.
    So have you had snow yet? We had so much rain over the weekend, I thought my apartment would flood. But it didn't. Silly me got rid of the rack that came with my dryer thinking I would 'never' need it. Ha! Should have listened to my Mom who was fond of saying 'you know, never is a very long time'. No snow for us yet and the temps were a little higher with the rain. Cheers, SJ

    1. Oh I love that breed! I'm so glad your apartment did not flood. We did get snow this morning but most of it melted off. We are expecting more on Wednesday. :)

      Be blessed!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Debbie. I am so glad you were surrounded by family and friends.


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