Saturday, November 26, 2016

Frugal Friday Wrap up 11/19-25/2016


   The week of Thanksgiving was a busy one for us.  We had family come out over the weekend, did lots of cooking and shopping, but most importantly, spent time with our wonderful extended family at Thanksgiving.  I got such a kick out of watching 4 generations of family all together when we gathered at Heather's parents' home for a big potluck feast.  Her grandparents came over from Montana and it is always good to see them. :)  There were 2 new puppies in the Fager family so that was lots of fun.  We played games, snuggled with the littlest of the cousins, played Candyland with the little cousins and spent lots of time just visiting and eating way too much food.  We felt so blessed and surrounded by love.  Onto the savings...

~Our grandsons Bradley and Isaiah made us some Christmas ornaments. :)  The ornaments are now hanging on my upper kitchen cabinet knobs where Doofy cat can't reach them.
~Saturday I made 3 loaves of banana bread.  We kept one, and I gave the other two to my cousin Jeremy and our Jaysn and Rachel.
~Jaysn got himself stuck on a muddy road so Jeff went and pulled their car out.
~Jeff borrowed Chris' truck and went and bought a ton of wood pellets from his boss to heat our home.

~I cooked up a large teriyaki pork loin that we were given, a big pot of brown rice and some sweet potatoes.  We had some of the pork loin for dinner on Saturday and used the rest in Pork Lo Mein later in the week. The leftover brown rice was used to go along with salmon loaf for Monday night's dinner
~Sunday Jeff and I used our coupons for a free full sized signature product (up to $13 in value) at Bath and Body Works.  They had these little Santa hats for $1 each that you put on top of the lotion or bath gels bottles.  We bought 2 of those and got 2 lotions for free.  Two more gifts taken care of. ;)

~Sunday we also stopped at Goodwill.  I found a cookbook there that has been on my "wish list", a Christmas book, some brand new fuzzy slippers and cup cozy set, a adorable little girl's jammie, a cd, a Ohio Pottery bowl, and the best things was a hand blown glass paperweight that was made by friends of our's years ago when we had a glass blowing studio here in town.  They made amazing things and we even placed a custom order with them for glasses for my parents.  Each of their pieces in engraved with the studio name and the year it was made.

~We watched several dvds that we borrowed from the library and some of our own also.
~There was a sale on broccoli last week and I bought quite a bit of it.  Monday I used some of it to make a quick broccoli cheese soup for lunch.  It was so yummy on a very cold day!

~I borrowed a few more books from the library including the Junk Gypsy book.  I used to love to watch their show when we still had DISH TV. :)
~I found a marked down cooked rotisserie chicken for $2.49 and a 12 pack of Beer Brats for $4.89 at Walmart. We had part of the chicken, along with some leftover brown rice, for dinner on Tuesday night and I repackaged the brats into packages of 4 each and froze them for future meals.
~Safeway had some pork tamales marked down in the deli section for 75% off per package.  I bought the 2 they had and froze them.  They also had Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup for .59 a can with a limit of 4.  I bought 4 of those.

~Our Thanksgiving celebration was spent with our Heather's side of the family.  It was potluck style and there was so much food!  I took mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.  :)  We played games afterwards and visited quite a bit. :)
~Heather's father Bruce sent us home after Thanksgiving with a large bag full of halibut, smoke salmon and trout that he caught. :)
~Friday found us hitting the Black Friday sales at Walmart at about 10 a.m. when all the craziness was over.  We picked up some jammies for the grandboys at $4.97 each, dvds (some will be given as gifts later next year at birthdays for the grandboys), a ROKU for $25 and a discounted bag of garlic knot rolls in the bakery.

~We borrowed some movies from Jaysn and Rachel when we went out to play with their birds while they are gone for Thanksgiving. :)  I had fun dancing with their bird named Pineapple who is suddenly being very social with me. :)
~We received more free magazines in the mail.

   Not a bad week!  This coming week I will be working 1 day and we will be watching the grandkids that same early evening.  I plan on doing some baking and spending lots of time just tinkering around  our home and getting up the Christmas decorations.  Be blessed!


  1. Glad you had a good time, Debbie. Being around little ones is the best. You really picked up some bargains this week. Have fun baking and decorating!


    1. Thanks Jane! Our decorating will be kept to a minimum with Doofy cat around. He loves to destroy everything. Good thing he is cute. ;)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time with family and a great week. I love to play Candyland with the littles, so much fun. Cheers, SJ

    1. Hi SJ! Candyland is one of my favorite childhood games so I was really happy to see my grandkids and their cousin enjoying it. :)

  3. You found a Simply Ming cookbook! I love watching his cooking show on TV! I think I need to drive up the coast to Washington just for your thrift stores! Road trip!

    So glad you were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with your extended family.

    1. Hi Bless :) I love his shows too and was thrilled when I found one of his cookbooks! If you make that road trip to Washington state, I am over on the east side and would love to see you! :)


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