Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pacing Myself


   It has been a busy week around here full of projects, errands and having the blessing of getting to spend more time with my grandsons yesterday.  All of this, combined with my rather erratic sleep   patterns have left me really tired and ready for a "down time" day.  However, there are still things that need to be done.

   The first thing that had to be taken care of was my migraine headache that I woke up with.  Between being really tired and the changing weather, it triggered another one.  Luckily I was able to catch it in time.  I had coffee and ibuprofen for breakfast.  I now just have that tight head in a vice feeling so that is improvement.

   I looked at my "to do" list for today and started on the first load of hubby's work clothing.  Rain is forecasted for tomorrow so I knew I had to get these done today an hung out on the line to dry.  My second load was the cuddly throws from the livingroom.  Both are now hanging on the line drying.

   Next on the list, weeding and getting the lettuce and radish seeds planted.  That took about an hour with me resting every few minutes in my garden chair since my back decided to join in the "let's rebel" party.  UGH!  My reward though while I was getting it all watered in was being able to visit with a friend who was out on a walk with her two adorable girls. :)

   Onto the third thing on my list.  I watered all the houseplants and the seedlings that I started.  The cucumbers are doing great and coming up, but I am still waiting on the squash to makes their appearance.

   Number 4.  I got some turkey sausage out of the freezer so that I can make jambalaya later for dinner tonight with some leftover rice from last night.  I also grabbed the stuff I needed to work on the hot tub and got that all taken care of too.

   Time for another break.   I needed to eat something for lunch and since I am quickly running out of energy I just make some Cup Noodles (ramen) and have some sparkling water with it.  Don't judge! ;) I also take this opportunity to answer email, check in with friends and work on my points programs.  

   It is now a little after noon and I am spent.  The tank is empty.  I do hope to be able to do more little projects this afternoon but I am not sure if it will happen.  Such is the life of someone who has limited energy and who has pushed herself a bit too much this week.


  1. Your posts are such an encouragement to me. Just to know others have to watch what they do in a day really helps me. So thanks again.
    I had a big, for me, day yesterday - lunch with some friends. Start to finish, from the time I left home until I returned, I was gone just over an hour. Hadn't seen these group of gals since November so I was quite pleased I could make it. And that was a big day for me since I also had to walk the dog. The last few months, I've been working my way up to an hour a day outside the house, but that has included walking the dog.
    I was in bed at 730 last night but had a great sleep. And today I haven't crashed. Yea for progress!
    Your garden sounds great. As did your days this week with your Grands. They look to be at a great age to hang out with. I just love that preK and kindergarten age group for some reason.
    Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Hi SJ! I am so glad you were able to get out with your friends and still have enough energy to walk the dog. And super yea for no crashing today...that is HUGE! :)

      I have spent the afternoon either on the couch or out on the back porch. No more projects for me this afternoon. I'm having trouble staying awake at this point but know if I lay down for a nap I will not sleep at all tonight. ;)

  2. Dang no wonder you are pooped. That's a lot by noon!!!!
    Jambalaya sounds soooooo good.
    Rest and enjoy.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I feel like a crammed a whole day's worth of work into a few hours.


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