Friday, April 15, 2016

Grammie's Goofball Grandsons

Grammie was blessed to be able to spend the day with her two favorite goofballs,  grandsons Bradley and Isaiah. :)  Their mommy had a doctor's appointment and their daddy is off hunting for a few days.  Grammie was more than happy to come over and play!

We started off with a nice snack of "baby oranges" (tangerines) that Grammie brought with her while watching the movie "Cars" (another surprise from Grammie).

We all built a barn and corral for some of the wild animal toys with Legos and then Isaiah and Grammie worked on some puzzles together.  Isaiah may have a future on the show Survivor with his awesome puzzle solving skills!  Grammie loves his silly face when he is told to smile and he says "Cheeseburgers". ;)

Bradley worked on "repairing" his firetruck with scissors until Grammie spotted that and told him that scissors were not the best tool for fixing firetrucks.  He decided that he would cut some paper instead.  He and Isaiah worked really hard on cutting paper for awhile until Bradley accidently cut the sleeve on his new shirt that Grammie bought him last week.  He was heartbroken.  Luckily Grammie has super mending skills and his mommy has a fully stocked sewing area so the shirt was quickly mended and as good as new. :)

Mommy arrived home while Grammie was mending the shirt and was very happy Grammie was doing it since Mommy's hand is still recovering from surgery. Grammie and Mommy visited and then they cuddled with Bradley and Isaiah for awhile who were worn out after playing so much.  Grammie then helped Mommy get a few things ready for tomorrow and then headed back to her house to spend time with G-pa before he had to go to work.

The End! :)


  1. The super mending skills are pretty good. Pass on the knowledge to the next generation!

    1. Thank you Phil. :) I taught all my boys how to do basic sewing and my DIL Heather is doing great at teaching herself how to do things. She is even designing patterns now. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I think everyone should have basic sewing skills. :)


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