Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Tipping Point

   I am loving having my Josh home on leave.  It has been so good to have him here!  This trip he has been really trying to focus on just having time with family.
   We are all extremely close and Josh has been trying to make sure that he spends lots of time with his brothers, sister-in-laws, nephews, grandparents and us.  Since he has been home, we have either done something as a whole family or with as many people as we can each day and Josh, in addition to that, has been trying to spend one on one time with everyone.  We have been bowling, had a huge potluck dinner with the grandparents that live here, went out to lunch, went out to dinner and had everyone here today for the Seahawks playoff game.
   As of yesterday, my cousin took a look at me and said "you have reached your tipping point".  He was referring to my health.  He could see that I was totally exhausted and told me that I needed to rest.  He knows about my health issues and, as with the rest of our family, is very sweet and protective of me.  I told him that I just needed to make it to Thursday, and then I could collapse. ;)
   I have been doing so much better since my surgery, so much so that I had forgotten how bad my "crashes" can be when I overdo it.  Well, yesterday and today have shown me that I still need to pace myself.  I focus all my energy on when I am with my family and then kind of collapse into an exhausted lump.  But you know what, it is worth it.  Being able to enjoy my family all together again is priceless.  Nothing means more to me than them.  They are my world!  
   Josh is here until early Thursday morning when he flies back to Virginia.  So until then, I am going to enjoy every moment I have and then I will take several days to recover. ;)


  1. Debbie Please take a minute to rest even while your son is home if your body is begging for it - I'm sure he wouldn't want you to overdo it so soon after surgery!

    1. I did yesterday and it felt really good. ;) Today will be another semi-quiet day for me since he has plans for the afternoon/evening and is still sleeping this morning.

  2. Hello Debbie,

    I know all too well how wonderful it is to have your child(ren) home on leave. Two of our older boys are military veterans. I also know I should suggest that as difficult as it may be, please try to find a few moments to rest. I am confident your Josh would prefer you take care of yourself than to overdo it because of his visit. I know your kiddos love and care for you as much as mine do for me.
    Praying you all continue to enjoy a most blessed time together.


    1. Good Afternoon Mrs. B,
      Please tell your boys thank you for their service for me. :) I did take it easy yesterday and am doing the same running around, no big family dinner, zilch, nada. I spent a quiet morning with my Josh and now he is off to visit with his grandparents, hopefully see his cousin, work out with his twin and then add to his ever growing "tattoo" collection on his body. ;) As for me, I am puttering and making bread, homemade cleaners and taking rests in between. I am feeling almost normal again. ;)

      Be blessed!


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