Tuesday, January 12, 2016

As my Grandma Used to Say... I'm Puttering

   Our Josh is still here visiting, but the whirlwind of activity has slowed way down and I have been blessed to be able to just stay home yesterday and today.  I so needed the break from the go, go, go! ;)  Yesterday I was pretty much in slug mode and all I accomplished was doing the laundry and making Josh's favorite meal for him.  He must have really loved it because he thanked me for making it, told me it was just the way he remembered it and he liked it best over anyone else's version and he had 3, yes 3 helpings and finished it all off!  :)  To be fair, his daddy and I both did get some before he claimed the rest for himself. ;)

   Josh and I spent a quiet morning together and now he is off to see his brothers, grandparents and hopefully his cousin before he and I head out tomorrow afternoon.  He is also getting yet more body art (another tattoo) done.  Tomorrow morning he will be packing up and then going with his dad to a doctor's appointment and then, when my hubby goes back to bed so that he can work later that night, he and I will head up to Spokane and stay the night at a hotel right at the airport since he has the early morning flight out.

    Since tomorrow will be a busy and long day for me, I am spending today puttering as my grandma would say.  I have cleaned the kitchen, strained some homemade citrus cleaner and have bread going in the bread maker.  Later I will fold some laundry and then pack my suitcase so I am ready to go tomorrow afternoon.  In between all this, I am doing my points programs, reading blogs and yes, even trying to be more consistent with my blogging here.  My grandma, who was not in the best health for years, used to break things up into smaller "tasks" and putter, getting things done at her own rate while resting in between.  I realized today that in some ways, I have become just like my grandma, having to take more time to rest than I would prefer, but still managing to keep things running.  Goodness I miss her...so before I start crying (because I miss her like crazy and still have not gotten through the whole grieving process even after 31 years), I will end this post here.


  1. Good evening, Debbie,

    So glad to hear you've been able to slow down a bit yesterday and today.
    3 Servings? What a compliment!
    Your post brought my late grandmother to mind. She was, and still is, the most important and influential person in my life. I continue to miss her deeply and look forward to being reunited with her in heaven one day.
    I will pray for yours and Josh's safe travels.


  2. Dear Mrs. B,
    (((((HUGS)))) I'm so sorry about you missing your grandmother so much but I am thankful that you will see her again in heaven one day. It sounds like you and I have even more in common. :)
    My grandmother was my "unconditional love" person in my life growing up and we shared a very deep and special bond. Even after I moved away from home to go to college, I could "feel" when something was not right with her and call my mom to have her check on Grandma. I remember being the morning she passed away so clearly because I felt her go. When my mom called to tell me, I told her I already knew. Even though she had been ill for years, she held on until she knew that I would be taken care of...she even told me after I had first met my husband that he was the one. I wish she had been able to meet him in person. She passed away after he and I had been dating for about 2 months.
    Thank you for your prayers for Josh and my safe travel!

    Be blessed,


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