Friday, January 15, 2016

Frugal Friday Wrap UP

  I'm toying with the idea of doing a regular Frugal Friday Wrap Up post each week of things I have done to save money each week.  I started a journal where I write down some of my saving ways but I also have a website with a few wonderful and like minded friends where we share how we save each day.  :)  I find it motivational, especially on those days where I wonder about my "contributions" to our family financially, to keep track of things like this.

   I thought I would kick things off this Friday with a few of the ways I have saved since the beginning of January up to this point.

~cooked up a spiral sliced ham that I bought at half price to take to a family potluck dinner
~used leftover ham for other meals
~used the ham bone from that to make split pea soup
~freezing some of the split pea soup for future meals
~had a potluck dinner here at our home
~darned my wool socks that the cat had again found and chewed holes in
~saved more socks from the sock eating cat today
~cashed in for $45 in Walmart gift cards via Swagbucks
~used the Walmart gift cards to buy groceries and pet supplies 
~made 5 loaves of banana bread with over-ripe bananas
~sent some of the banana bread with Josh on the plane since they do not serve breakfast on his early morning flight
~took advantage of the Happy Hour prices at the hotel Josh and I stayed at to get drinks for $3 each and a B1G1 for a penny dinner special (we stayed at a hotel at the airport since he had to be there by 3:45 in the morning and our weather has been making for icy roads)
~brought home the rest of the shampoo and conditioner from the hotel
~had free coffee, tea and breakfast at the hotel
~used the hotel pool to go swimming
~made multiple loaves of sourdough bread
~used leftover bread to make croutons
~bought books, birthday gifts for the grandkids, sweaters, athletic wear, dvds, etc. from the thrift store
~went to the after Christmas sales and stocked up at their 75% and 90% off sales...big cans of nuts for $1.50, boxes of ziplock bags for .53 each, and a few other things
~Jeff changed an electrical switch that was going out in our house
~borrowed lots of books and dvds from the library
~Josh treated us to lunch and bowling
~used moose steaks (given to us as part of a Christmas present) to make stroganoff with
~froze some freshly made tortellini and ravioli for future meals
~stocked up on hard cider and wine at Trader Joe's for about 1/4th of the price I would be paying in our area
~making a double batch of laundry soap
~stocking up on marked down meats and freezing them
~watching some TV shows online that we do not get with our DISH package (planning to drop DISH in April when our contract is up)


  1. Good Afternoon Debbie,

    I think keeping track of your savings is a terrific way of staying motivated. Posting each week would be encouraging to others who are also trying to live within their means.


    1. Thank you Mrs. B. I know that it really motivates me when other's share how they have saved each week also. :)


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