Friday, December 18, 2015

Bowling with the Grandbabies!

   Jeff was on vacation last week so we decided at the last minute to call Chris and Heather and see if they wanted to go bowling on Friday afternoon.  Everyone, including the grandsons, loves to bowl and Grammie, well I enjoy watching! ;)  We were so happy they said yes and we all got ready quickly and met at the bowling alley for some fun!

Isaiah using the ramp and getting some encouragement from his daddy.

Heather, Isaiah and G-pa watching Bradley bowl.

Isaiah sitting on his daddy's lap and checking out the scores...hmmm, looks like Isaiah is beating Daddy. :)

Don't worry, despite the drunken look on his face, it was only water.  LOL!

Bradley was thrilled that he was beating Daddy at bowling!

This talented kid can turn anything into a jungle gym, including the swivel chairs.

Please forgive the red eyes in this. Grammie forgot to edit the pictures before sharing.

The final score...the grandsons beat their Daddy and I will bet they are not going to let him forget it for a very long time. ;)

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