Wednesday, September 30, 2015

And Now We Wait

   After more testing it has been decided that I need to have a hysterectomy.  To be honest, I was hoping, given the issues that I have been having, that this would be the solution.  I am so thankful to my doctors who both agree that needs to be done and we are all hoping it will help with also help alleviate some other problems that I have been having.
  So now we wait for the health insurance company to approve the surgery.  The wonderful people at the doctor's office are trying to expedite things from their end.  Hopefully we will get the go ahead to get this done by next week.  I just want this over and done with.  I am tired of going through all the painful tests for the second time and am glad that this will be the end of them.
  I'm trying to prepare by making meals ahead of time and freezing them for later.  I'm also trying to get all the gifts and birthday cards ready for birthdays in October.  In addition to this, I'm stocking up on staple items that we will need for the next month as much as possible.  I do not want to run out of things we need and blow the budget.  My wonderful family and friends are all pitching in to help me when I am home recovering.  
  Even though I am still a bit sore from the tests, I a bit more at peace knowing that we are taking care of things and that it will cause less worry for me in the future.


  1. Oh Debbie! I'm sending so much love and hope for fast healing your way!

    1. Thank you Marisa, I really appreciate it. :) Kind of puts a stop to my Fall canning and jam making plans. ;) I'm so glad this came up AFTER our visit so that we were finally able to meet in person.


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