Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

     Yesterday I was at Goodwill and saw this beautiful framed picture.  The detailed artwork and saying are all hand cut paper.  I have seen similar things before and always marveled at how much time and talent it would take to produce such a treasure.  I have to admit that I was immediately drawn to it not just because of it's beauty, but also because the quote spoke to my heart.   It perfectly expresses how my husband Jeff and I feel about our family, hanai (adopted by love) members included.   I felt like God had put it there on the shelf, just waiting for me to find it, to comfort me and reassure me that Jeff and I are doing something right after yet another stressful and hurtful situation happened that shook us to the core. 

   Jeff and I are very close to our children and grandchildren.  We have been through so much as a family and it has only strengthened us.  Our children have shown such great inner strength and support for us and for each other when others have tried to tear our family apart.  So have my parents, siblings (and yes, I consider my sweet SIL my sibling), our wonderful niece and nephew (in-law) and Heather's side of the family.  We are blessed beyond measure by when it comes to unconditional love within this group.  So thank you God for your reassurance and thank you to our beautiful family who are some of the most caring and loving people people around.  I truly would be lost without you all!


Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog posts. I really appreciate it and being able to get to know you through your comments. I hope you have a wonderful day!