Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Reading, Baking and Candy Making

I just finished reading Forever Christmas: Tasha Tudor.  Oh how I loved this book!  Tasha Tudor is one of my favorite authors/illustrators and I have always been intrigued with her life.  She is one of the most creative, down to earth and lovely women ever.  I would love to be able to spend a day with her and learn all that I could.

This is round two of my Christmas baking.  Both baking sessions produced both banana and cranberry orange bread.  I have already given lots away as gifts.  Some of these are gifts for family and friends and the others will part of our Christmas morning brunch spread.

This was also round two of my candy making sessions.  Last week I made both white chocolate and milk chocolate peppermint bark.  Today I made chocolate peanut clusters and white chocolate and craisin candy.  Most of these are being given away as gifts also.

Just because we all need some Christmas cuteness!  Our youngest grandson Isaiah is learning to feed himself and had quite the time trying to keep his macaroni and cheese on his spoon and into his mouth.  Grammie and G-pa stepped in and shared bites of theirs so he would get filled up. ;)

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