Sunday, October 13, 2013

Family is Precious and Time is Fleeting

Great-Grandpa holding Isaiah, Tutu, Bradley and Caesar.


 My parents came over for a quick visit this weekend and got to spend lots of time with their great grandsons.  Chris and Heather came over for dinner of Friday night with the boys.  Saturday, we had both Bradley and Isaiah for the afternoon and then their mommy and daddy came for dinner again along with Jaysn and Rachel.  Jaysn and Rachel surprised Bradley with a huge dolphin balloon which he absolutely loved!  Bradley got on a bit of a happy and hyper streak there for awhile and "performed" for all of us...what a ham!  We all had a wonderful time together and I only took 2 pictures because we were just having way too much fun.

Great-Grandpa, Tutu and Isaiah

   The two that I did take though are of my parents with my grandsons, their great grandsons.  I was looking at them today after I uploaded them to my computer and it hit me that these precious family moments almost didn't happen.  Last year we came close to loosing my dad.  He is doing great now and we are so thankful to still have him with us.  Looking at the pictures of him holding Isaiah made me so aware that he almost missed meeting and getting to welcome the newest member of our family.  Watching him interacting and playing with Bradley and Bradley saying "Hi Grandpa" and giving him hugs warmed my heart.  He would have missed out on hearing his oldest great grandson's first words, seeing him go from walking to running all over the place and riding his bike.   Time just seems to get away from us and speeds up as the years march on.  I am treasuring the pictures and the memories that were made this weekend with 4 generations of our family together and especially of my parents enjoying their great grandchildren.


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