Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Sick" Minds

   "No, Grammie fine" were the words that my grandson Bradley said with great confidence yesterday when he told his mommy that he wanted to see me and she said I was not feeling well.  Apparently, in a 18 months old mind, Grammies never get sick. ;)  Oh how I wish it were so Bradley.  Grammie would have much rather spent the day playing with you and Isaiah than battling this crud.  I am just thankful that my stomach is better and is not viewing everything that I put into it as a dangerous foreign object that must be expelled immediately anymore.  I am lightheaded and stuffy today but the sledgehammer that was attacking my head for 24 hours straight is silent at the moment.  I'd rather spend my day in a fog rather than pain. ;)  It's funny how being sick makes you so thankful for the majority of the time you do have your health.

  When I am sick, I have a lot of time for my mind to just wander and sometimes I don't like where it takes me.  Yesterday was one of those days.  It took me down the path of hurt, frustration and yes, even anger.  Most of this was due to some very destructive Narcissists, who for one reason or another, are determined to hurt our friends and family.  I wish that we could escape them, but they are a fixture in our lives and will be for some time to come.  The damage that they have caused and continue to cause ranges from irritating to criminal and will impact future generations of those we love.  They have destroyed lives and divided families and caused harm that can never be repaired.  Their lies, deceit and outright meanness are mind boggling to any healthy and normal person. 

   If you have ever tried to reason with one of these people you know that it is futile.  They cannot "see" beyond themselves.  They honestly believe the world revolves around them and "owes" them.  Nothing is ever their fault and will refuse to acknowledge their part in anything, even when presented with concrete evidence and truth.  Not only will they slander the person who confronts them with the truth, but they will also lash out at anyone connected with that person.  They use "guilt" and "fear" as weapons to control those who they can and are not above using family members as pawns in their sick and twisted game.  
  Tragically, this becomes a sad cycle and unfortunately, the innocent children who are connected to these individuals, become victims of these Narcissists.  They may suffer from a wide array of mental health issues ranging from depression, not feeling "good enough", lack of empathy for others, detachment, and in some cases become a Narcissist themselves along with many other issues.  My heart aches for these children.  They are frequently isolated purposely from the those that love them, recognize what is going on and want to help them.  They are the most vulnerable victims because they cannot escape the Narcissist unless there is legal intervention to stop the abuse that these children suffer.  

   Narcissists want to be the center of attention at all times and want everyone to love them and will go to any lengths to feel that they are "top dog". What they do not seem to realize is that while they are hell bent on destroying others, that is exactly what they are doing to themselves.  They sadly will one day find themselves bitter and utterly alone and will still fail to realize that they brought it all upon themselves.



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