Friday, October 25, 2013

Late Night Ramblings

   Insomnia has once again decided to take up residence within my head.  I'm so very tired but just can't seem to sleep.  I've been averaging about 4 hours a night forgive me if my ramblings here do not make a whole lot of sense. ;)

   On my way to work today, the song "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago came on the radio and I found myself transported back in time to Jeff and my wedding day.  We were married on a clear, crisp and beautiful day in March 28 years ago.  Standing up at the alter, taking our vows, we were so nervous and yet excited about what our future together held for us.  We knew we wanted a family but had no idea how richly we would be blessed and the wonderful surprises that God had in store for us.
  Today my oldest son, Jaysn, turned 26 years old.  I remember how hard it was last year on his 25th birthday accepting that he was a quarter century old already.  Well here he is at 26 now and I, his mother, hit the half century mark on my last birthday in July.  This past year has seen many changes for our Jaysn.  He met a wonderful woman who shares his passion for Christ, enjoys playing video games and who "gets" his quirky and quick sense of humor.  We knew the first time we met Rachel that she was the one for him, and him for her.  It did not take long before they were engaged and then became husband and wife in August.  It has brought Jeff and I great joy to see our newlyweds so happy and for us to now have another sweet daughter to love.

   Today also marks 3 months since our youngest grandson Isaiah made his grand entrance into the world.  He has changed and grown so much in such a short amount of time.  He is the happiest baby and wakes up with a smile on his face. He definitely loves to "talk" and enjoys engaging in conversations already.  :)  Both our grandsons bring out the playful side of Jeff and I and have let us experience another kind of love that we never could have imagined.

   With every passing year, time just seems to speed up.  Age and health issues have slowed down Jeff and my parents, some more  than others.  But through it all, I have to praise my father for working so hard to come back and surpass what was expected of him after his stroke.  His strength and determination, along with the love and support of my mom and a great team of therapists, that my father has shown amazes me.  My parents inspire me with their love for one another and the strong and unbreakable team that they are.  I am so proud of both of them and am blessed to be their daughter.  I hope that if Jeff and I ever face something like that, that we can do it as well as they have.  

   Sometimes I wish there was a pause or slow motion button I could press in the journey of life.  I want to be able to take in each precious moment and actually remember them all.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us and I don't want to miss a thing. 


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