Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Own Personal Handyman

     My husband is an amazing and talented man.  Over the years, he has picked up some valuable skills.  He used to be a carpenter.  When he started as a carpenter, he came in with no experience.  He had a wonderful and patient boss who taught him well.  Jeff worked in the trade for many years before it just got to be too hard on his body to do it on a daily basis.  He does however still use the skills he learned around our home and to help others.
    Years ago Jeff built a shed that is attached to our screened in porch.  It has been a great place to store the lawn mower, gardening tools, and also serves as a storage place for excess household goods.  He recently decided to re-roof it since it had developed a few leaks after storms had caused it some damage.  He also reworked the front of the shed so he could attach a downspout for the gutters in a place that was more efficient.  All of this was done on a hot afternoon after he got up from sleeping (he works the graveyard shift) and before he had to go to work that night.   
    His talents do not stop there.  He has remodeled one of the ugliest bathrooms I have ever seen into an oasis for me complete with a big soaking tub.  He rebuilt our back porch and screened it in.  It has now become another "room" that we use about 6 months out of the year and our indoor cats favorite place to lounge when the weather is warm.  Jeff and I eat many of our meals out there also.  He had customized closets, built furniture, helped friends with remodels, replaced all the inefficient old windows in our home with new ones, installed a new sliding glass door, laid new flooring, remodeled my kitchen and so much more.
    Jeff also does a lot of the work on our cars himself.  His father taught him some of the basics and he has also learned quite a bit by reading and/or watching videos on YouTube on how to do some of the repairs needed.  If it is beyond what he can do, then we take it to our trusted mechanic.
    I am blessed to have such a hard working and talented hubby.  He has not only saved us tons of money over the years but also has also improved our home and made it more comfortable and more efficient.  I really love that guy!


  1. I'm blessed too. B can do just about anything he puts his mind too. He has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. It's always nice to see others praise their man. Hugs

    1. Hi my dear friend! Your B is a treasure also. :)


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