Monday, August 12, 2013

Coming up for Air


   These past few months have been crazy busy for our entire family.  Each of our kids has had major life changing events occurring in their lives and thus in our lives also. Our attention and energy has been focused on our children and helping them and also on a few other things...all of them important.  Lack of sleep, for both my husband and I, and the feeling of having a huge "must do" list with not enough time to do it all in, have taken their much so that I confused times and days of appointments this past week.  A friend of mine shared that she was concerned about me and could tell that I was not doing well.  She was right, at times it felt like I was drowning.

   Jeff and I decided that we needed to just relax over the weekend and not do anything that we did not want to do.  We stayed home, slept in, got a few projects done around here that we had been neglecting and did not make any plans with anyone else. We watched movies, took walks (including one at night with the warm wind blowing in a thunderstorm off in the distance) and sat in the back yard sipping on coffee in the cool of the morning. 

   Today I am finally feeling like my "Summer Vacation" is starting.  I have a few days to myself, with no outside commitments, before things get crazy again later this week.  Until then, I am going to enjoy this little respite and continue to putter around my home, doing things here to make our home comfortable, welcoming and full of good things to eat.  All too soon I will be back at work once again and my "sleeping in" days will be few and far between.


  1. Oh, much has happened since I last checked in with you, Debbie.
    Congratulations on the birth of your new grandson, Isaac, your son's wedding, and also for you getting a lttle breather from your hectic life! Your life is full and you are blessed.


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