Sunday, July 21, 2013

Only 4 More Days Until Bradley is a Big Brother!

Bradley came to spend some time with us on Saturday while his Mommy took a much needed nap and got a few more things done to prepare for the arrival of his new baby brother.  Bradley knows that something is up but can't quite understand it yet.  Some "Grammie and G-pa" time was much needed for him and a delightful time for us all! :)

Finishing up his lunch...he was really hungry today.  He must be on a growth spurt again. :)

He was so tired but did not want to take a nap or be held.

Grammie got out the "secret weapon", he loves this soft blanket.  Between that and golf on tv, he was out on less than 15 minutes.

After nap he put on his new Fire Chief hat that he picked out earlier in the day and pushed "beep, beep" around on the porch.

I love this little guy!

Bradley and his faithful sidekick Caesar. :)  And yes, Caesar really is that big!

Bradley playing with the big bowl of water and a measuring cup.

He was really digging deep with the measuring cup and saying "Brrrr...brrrr". LOL!

Splashing away with cold water on a hot day feels so good!

He just got himself in the face with the water!  He kept getting it on his feet before that and saying "toe" in a very concerned tone. :)


  1. Awww... that's funny about him getting water on his toe. haha

    1. He comes up with some real corkers! Yesterday he put on the fire chief hat once again and G-pa's house slippers. He was dressed in a diaper and shirt. He told me "bye" so I asked him where he was going and he said work...made me laugh and wonder how his daddy Chris dresses to go and fight fires! ;)


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