Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enveloped in Love

I was blessed to have had my parents and all my kids together for Mother's Day weekend and also for us all to share an early Mother's Day afternoon on Saturday with my sweet MIL and FIL.  Josh and Jess arrived on Thursday along with my hanai son Lee and my parents got here the next day. :)  My hanai son Ben also surprised us with a visit. :)  There really are no words to describe the overwhelming sense of love, happiness and pure contentment and delight I felt having everyone together.  Bradley loved having all his aunties and uncles along with great grandparents around to spoil him rotten. He took full advantage of it too but also quickly realized that it also made it harder for him to get into things he was not supposed to because there were that many more people watching and retrieving him. ;)  We did take a big family picture on Saturday with 4 generations of our family together and also some with Jeff and my parents with their grandkids and great grandson.  It is rare to have everyone together so we took advantage of it.

Our time together was filled with plans for a baby quilt for the newest little one joining us in July, a wedding quilt for Jess and Josh (my mother makes beautiful quilts and has the couple wait about a year before she makes their quilt so they can see what their combined likes and dislikes are style wise), wedding plans for Jaysn and Rachel, lots of laughter, trips to the park, going out to eat for Mother's Day (thank you Daddy), basketball and golf for Jeff, Josh and Chris (Jaysn had to work and my parents had to leave Monday morning) while Heather, Jess, Bradley and I (Rachel also had to work) went shopping and out to lunch.  Later that afternoon we went bowling and then everyone headed home to collapse. It was a busy few days where we ate too much, slept too little and shared so much love and laughter!  I really did not think that anything could top getting a new car last year for Mother's Day but this was by far my favorite Mother's Day yet...I got to spend time with most of the people that I love and hold closest in my heart. :)

*I tried to upload photos to this post but for some reason blogger is not allowing me to at the moment.  I will try again later.

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